“Make more of your world”:BBC world service


“Make more of your world”: BBC WORLD SERVICE Kick-start INDIA campaign with a huge public splash!

 BBC WORLD SERVICE created a huge shout-out in Mumbai this weekend by illustrating a new public splash to support their “Make more of your world” campaign.

“Make more of your world”:BBC world service

Renowned Bollywood actress Divya Dutta visited the site to witness the artwork. The campaign was developed in house by BBC Creative who worked in partnership with the renowned graffiti writer turned artist, INSA. INSA is at his very best when on location, painting bright and beautiful art straight onto the environment. As part of the campaign the BBC Marketing team commissioned a 100ft wall opposite Juhu beach where INSA produced a bespoke artwork that connects directly with its surroundings, literally making more of the world around us.

“Make more of your world”:BBC world service

INSA split the 100ft wall into 12 frames and turned grey, smoking chimneys stacks into beautiful green trees. The 12 frame narrative is brought to life using an image that changes ever-so-slightly each time, a labour intensive and meticulous task.  The end result is completely mesmerising, creating a looping ‘Gif’ that blurs the offline and online worlds.  At either side of the wall, people can scan QR codes taking them to YouTube pages where audiences can view the 30 second TV ad.


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