Dr. Bimal Chajjer Reached  Saaol Heart Center On Wednesday


Gaurika Sharma

Cardiologist Dr. Bimal Chajjer reached  house number 27 Saaol Heart Center sector 9 Panchkula on Wednesday. Monica Garg, Director, welcomed Dr. Bimal Chajjer. During this, Dr. Chajjer shared thoughts about cardiovascular diseases. He said that Bypass was born, now the treatment of heart patients by Natural Bypass is being treated.This is sure one does anatomy of some sort, but is active in addition to the arteries of the heart (active), so that the person to feel better and the possibility of heart attack for a lifetime. Dr. Chajjer, head of the Saaol Heart Center, told reporters in that how to keep the heart healthy.Dr. Chajjer gave tips to rescue the city residents from heart disease.
Dr. Bimal Chajjer Reached  Saaol Heart Center On Wednesday
 He said that if a person runs regularly for 15 consecutive minutes daily for 35 days, then the additional arteries of his heart can start working. Before adopting this recipe, let the person know the real state of his heart, how much blockage is there in his heart. If there is less than 70 percent blockage, there is no pain or trouble on the run.
As Dr. Chajjer, it is being seen that in most cases of heart attack, doctors are misleading the patients. With this, people are getting ready to tamper with nature, which is wrong. Secondly, when the patient has gone to the doctor, he has to explain it better. Doctors refer to the patient in medical language, which is beyond understanding.


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