Emergence reached Chandigarh to celebrate success with his mentor Onisha Sharma, Tanya and Tanisha Mohit Aggarwal


“It’s a really nice feeling as this is my first show ever,” said Udbhav, a student of class VII at Ryan International School in Sector 49. “I have never even participated in a school show till date,” quipped the young actor. His mentor on the show, Onisha Sharma, who was present at the conference in Chandigarh, was all praise. “Udbhav is truly gifted and has a natural style. He is so good that he even improvises on stage without much effort,” said Sharma.

While initially he found it difficult to distinguish between his students, mentor Mohit Agarwal admits he’s impressed with their professional attitude. “I am the only mentor who has two children to mentor for each week. Both Tanisha and Tanya are young but they are very smart in picking up lessons and have been a delight to train,” said Agarwal. 
Both the mentors feel that when it comes to these junior kalakars, they have a lot to commend. “Their schooling and parenting is to credit as they really know when to be serious, when to be witty and they know when have to give it their best,” added Agarwal.

 Tanya and Tanisha, who study in class three are twin sisters. Studying at Sant Isher Singh Public School in Mohali, have got special permission to be able to feature in the show in Mumbai. “Our Principal was very supportive. We love being on the show and will only come back when we win,” said the two who are also trained in kathak and are in awe of their dance teacher.

While the children admit to being really good friends off stage and during rehearsal time, they admit that it is a competition and all of them are looking to win the title. Here’s wishing them the very best.

The emergence and Tanya and Tanisha made the top 10 with their strong performance. Emergence reached Chandigarh to celebrate this success with his mentor Onisha Sharma and Tanya and Tanisha Mohit Aggarwal his mentor. He also expressed his gratitude for this love of the audience.
The emergence of a great artist and flirtatious to young participants. The emergence of this Chulbulepan’ve won the hearts of all. From his talents as a stand-up comedian, he can stymie the audience. His involvement seems real. It seems hard to believe after seeing his performance that he was merely 11 years. Raveena believes is more difficult emotional to perform at comedy. But has it mastered emergence.


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