KAFF introduces a new range of air purifiers



KAFF, a premium kitchen and home appliances brand has launched a range of air purifiers, in the blend with latest technology and features to suit Indian conditions.

Air purifiers have become round the year necessity, considering the alarming rise in air pollution, leading to harmful diseases. The KAFF offers a wide range of AIR PURIFIERS with price ranging from INR 4,990 to INR 32,990 with features suitable for varied room sizes and climate conditions in India.

KAFF introduces a new range of air purifiers

KAFF air purifiers with latest ‘HEPA and 360o air purification technology ensures more than 90% removal of large particles like dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke particles, mold, and spores etc. Addition to this the devices are energy efficient, as they sense the need to switch to sleep mode, when necessary. The child lock feature ensures safety for children at home. Their wide ranges of Air Purifiers are suitable for areas from 270 to 810 sqft. The net weight of air purifiers range from 4.8 kg to 10 kg. CADR (Clean air delivery rate) range from 180 m3/h to 350 m3/h.

KAFF introduces a new range of air purifiers

Deepak Anand, Managing Director, KAFF Appliances said, ‘With the rise in the level of pollution in our environment these days, it has become our prime motive to ensure that people breathe clean air wherever they are, be it in their car or at their home. We have launched KAFF air purifiers to suit various needs and segments of society. Our endeavor is to move on the path of constant innovation and improvisation in our product to enhance the quality of life of our customers.

Moreover, KAFF air purifiers are a boon for people who love pets but are allergic to pet hair. The air purifiers will ensure that consumers breathe fresh air in their close environments, be it their office, home or car.



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