Maharishi Dayanand Public School Orgnised essay writing and quiz s Renewable Energy Day



Maharishi Dayanand Public School arranged an Essay Writing Competition and quiz s Renewable Energy Day in collaboration with Chandigarh Renewable Energy, Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST), Chandigarh. A good number of students OF Participated Competition in the.

Maharishi Dayanand Public School Orgnised essay writing and quiz s Renewable Energy Day

Through Competition Students todays Energy Renewable Means Saturation under Expressed were Given More importance in the country. New renewable sources Negative Energy Hey Obtained through technology, Which have been Developed Recently. Students Said wattle There Hey Decate Possibilities OF Renewable Energy. They Hey infinite. Slowly the industrial settled were becoming in Field OF Renewable Energy. Solar appliances in homes, solar lights, solar vehicles, water heating heaters Attack Should Bay Used. This Does Not Affect Adversely environment were. Therefore, present, renewable energy will help the country reverse Growing Population to Achieve Economic Prosperity.

Kumkum, Khushi and Chetn Bggda first, second and third positions Respektiveli in essay writing.

Altug quiz habitat Divided Into TWO CATEGORIES it, Junior and Senior Which habitat started with Ten teams OF Eac category. Five teams A, B, A, The End Epic Vere selected for middle rounds ยท Team A, D & E Partisipated in the final round. IT habitat Tough Competition. Team: A, Neeraj and HR Stood First B Getting 60 marks. Team: ME, Harshpreet and Raj Kumar Got 40 marks and received second place. Team: D, giant E & Martin achieved 35 marks and stood third.

Activity charge Parveen Kumari told were cradling My AIM of this Competition inhabit the public’s scientific Issues for DEVELOPMENT OF Nation. Principal Dr. Vinod Kumar Gave Away Prices were winners.


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