New iOS 16 features  for Apple users


 New iOS 16 features  for Apple users

 New iOS 16 features  for Apple users

What features come with the new iOS 16

The new iOS 16 is now available for the general public to download. Apple issued its most recent significant update for iPhone users following three months of beta testing. The new features in iOS 16 include a fully customized lock screen, new edit & undo send functions, and many more. 

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4 New iOS 16 Feature 

While there are many new updates from Apple, we will be considering only a few. Below is a list of a few Apple updates:

  1. New Lock Screen customization options

The ability to customize your lock screen is iOS 16’s standout feature. You may now apply various filters, add widgets to your lock screen , and change the fonts as well as the colors. Even better, you can create a variety of lock screens and switch between them.

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The lock screen can also be connected to the focus mode so that they change automatically when focus modes are selected. You can connect third-party apps with lock screen widgets in a manner that’s similar to installing widgets on your home screen.

In fact, some of our favorite apps already have added support for lock screen widgets. With this new update, you can customize your iPhone to reflect your personality. Even 

  1. New iMessage features: Undo send and editing messages

Being able to edit and unsend messages are two eagerly awaited additions to iMessage. Throughout the beta testing phase, Apple made certain adjustments to these features in response to misuse concerns.

To use the features, simply hold down the long press key after you’ve sent a message. You have up to two minutes to edit or unsend a message. While other iMessage users will be able to see that you unsent a message, they won’t know its contents.

It’s important to note that you have a maximum of five edits per iMessage. Both the sender and the recipient of the iMessage can see the history of those updated messages.

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Some of the additional changes to iMessage include:

  1. Focus Mode

The focus mode has received some significant updates with the release of iOS 16 this year, following its original launch with iOS 15. Most importantly, Apple has simplified the configuration steps, making it simpler to allow or restrict notifications from certain apps and contacts.

You can control boundaries in Apple programs like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari using the focus filters. While the Personal Focus is active, you can quickly hide your work calendar or email. 

The focus mode can also be linked to the lock screens and home screens. It automatically displays certain pages and screens according to the active focus.

  1. iOS 16’s privacy and security

An iOS upgrade wouldn’t be complete without a few important privacy and security features. What Apple calls the “Safety Check” is one of the most significant updates. Users can easily reset the access they’ve given to other users in the case of domestic or intimate partner violence. 

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The Safety Check lets you disengage from people, programs, or devices you no longer want to be in contact with. You may also control which apps have access to your information. 

You should also watch out for the new pasteboard permission tool in iOS 16. This feature mandates that apps request your authorization before using the pasteboard to copy material from another app.

Another feature to look out for is the Rapid Secyrity Response feature. It makes it possible to apply significant security updates to your device even more quickly. According to Apple, “These changes can be implemented automatically between routine software upgrades.”

iOS 16’s final addition is the Lockdown Mode. This new feature provides unparalleled protection  for clients who are targets of major digital attacks. Lockdown Mode will severely restrict some capabilities to reduce the attack surface that could potentially be exploited by highly tailored spyware.


These new updates from Apple will surely benefit Apple users. While we’ve listed only four new features, it’s important to keep in mind that there are more updates from Apple.


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