Sonam Wangchuk, conducts first Live Seminar from Ladakh on Airtel 4G



 Hailing the ‘Digital Ladakh Digital India’ mission, Soman Wangchuk in his facebook update expressed his happiness for being able to go Live and conduct the video conferencing with about 250 Ladakhi students who were sitting in an auditorium in Chandigarh. Yesterday, he conducted a web seminar with few hundred students in VNIT Engineering College in Nagpur.

Expressing his pleasure, Sonam Wangchuk mentioned, “I want to thank Airtel 4G for making this a reality in Ladakh, especially since I have been using every possible forum to advocate the cause of Ladakh’s connectivity. Join me in web seminars and Live address all from Ladakh.”

Sonam Wangchuk, conducts first Live Seminar from Ladakh on Airtel 4G

Airtel became the first operator to provide 4G services in Ladakh region in Dec last year. Further, Soman is planning to take the Live Seminar series on creating awareness on judicious usage of internet. He exclaimed, “Yet while we celebrate this digital revolution I want to caution my young friends about the possible problems that Ladakhi society especially the youth may see if internet is not handled well. I want to use internet to caution our youth about itself.”

“And therefore I will try and to do a Facebook Live session from Ladakh this Saturday the 10th March at 9 pm discussing in the pros and cons of internet in Ladakh. This will be in Ladakh language though!” he added.

Soman Wangchuk, became an inspiration for the making of bollywood hit 3 Idiots starring Aamir Khan. He has been recognized for his many initiatives and recently in 2017, he was conferred with Global Award for Sustainable ArchitectureTM  in Paris.



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