Strategy To Win In Call Break Card Game Online


Strategy To Win In Call Break Card Game Online

Playing cards with family and friends in India is almost like a tradition and Call Break is one of the favourite card games. Typically, it’s a game played by four people in which each player makes moves to reach a target set of 300.

Call Break is known by several names like Racing, ‘Lakdi’, Call Bridge and Spades. Also, the rules of the game may vary from one region to another. However, the core idea of the game remains the same across different versions of the game.

That said, you can now play call break online using the Call Break multiplayer app download.

1. How To Play Call Break?

It is played with four players in which 52 cards are distributed among them. The direction of the play is anti-clockwise and each player has to deal one card at a time. The game starts with picking a dealer who distributes the cards and the player next to the dealer is the first to play the Call Break bets or tricks. All you need is a strategy in place to win the game.

2. Setup of Call Break Game

  • Call Break is not an easy game and involves trick-taking. The main objective of this game is to secure as many hands as possible or the number that the player bids at the beginning of the game.
  • All the four players have to start the game without any partnerships. In this game, the Spade is a predefined Trump. The value of the card depends on their face value and ranking in a high to low order, for example, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two.
  • Once all the four players are seated, the dealer distributes 13 cards to each player. Before the game starts, each player has to select the hand values based on their possible winning hands.
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3. Rules

Once the dealer distributes 13 cards to all the players, the first player to make a move is chosen randomly. The objective is to have minimum hands similar to the call. A call is nothing but a number that represents the number of hands a particular player bids to win. A call must be at least the number one and maximum thirteen.

The main objective of the call break game is to make hands equivalent to the call or more than the call. If a player does not get a spade or trump, then the cards have to be distributed to all the players again. So, if you want to enjoy playing the game, download the call break apk and install the game right away!

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4. Strategies to Win Call Break Game

  • Use The Trump Card Wisely

As mentioned above, the spade is the predefined trump in this game. The trump can make you score or win the bid, so, you must use it when you need it the most and when absolutely necessary. Also, you can’t use the trump when you hold the suit played by other players. Therefore, you must know when to use your trump card if you want to win the game.

  •  Take Some Amount of Risk
  • Before you bid make sure to take a look at the cards in your hand. Based on it, you can determine how many tricks you can make. There is always a winner whenever a card is discarded by the players on their turns.
  • Typically, the winner uses a trump or the highest trump on the table. The game begins only after you bid. So, if you score well using your tricks, you can win the game.
  • Avoid Bidding Using A Queen of A Jack

While a Queen and a Jack are the highest cards in the game of cards, if you decide the number of tricks based on them in the Call Break game, you will not win.

  • Keep A Keen eye On The Game
  • Call Break is all about prediction. You can predict the card each player might have based on the previous round. However, in the process make sure not to forget to keep a track of your own cards.
  • For instance, if a player starts with a heart suit and another uses his trump, it means this player does not have a heart suit and so on. So, you will have to predict and defeat the other players. To master the game, download the call break app to install the game and practice with family or friends.
  • Keep A Tab On The Dealer
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At the start of the game a dealer is chosen randomly. However, as the game progresses, the dealer keeps changing with each round. The player to the right of the dealer in the first round becomes the dealer in the second round. In the third round, the player in front of the dealer in the second round becomes the dealer and so on.

Play the game online by using call break app and use the strategies shared in this post, if you want to win the game.



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