Umans Should lead Life Enriched with Human Value- Satguru mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj



Umans Should lead Life Enriched with Human Value- Satguru mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Maharashtra’s 53rdNirankariSantSamagam began here today in Borgad, Nashik with a clarion call by Satguru Mata SudikshaJiMaharaj to all human beings to lead life enriched with Human Values.

Satguru mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

In the Message to Mankind, Satguru Mata Ji stated that humans are expected to lead life full of love and compassion; instead hatred, enmity is prevalent. Satguru Mata Ji appealed to all human beings to live life enriched with Human Values of love, compassion and peace.  She further stated that by knowing Oneself through the Spiritual route we can rise above the differences of colour, culture, language, break the walls and build bridges so that we can mutually co-exist.  This Samagam awards credence to the Mission’s ideology in its continued legacy of Universal Brotherhood.

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Earlier, Satguru Mata Jiwas welcomed to the venue in a colorful procession traversing a 1.5 k.m.route from a spot near the Samagam venue through the Dharampur-Peth Highway. Mhasrul-Dindori Road before entering the venue through the Airforce road.

mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Her Holiness was seated on a flower bedecked vehicle stationed on the Mhasrul-Dindori road while the devotees walked past seeking Herblessings.The procession was led by the Sewadal Band. The hallmark of the procession was a creative blend of color and tradition with a representation of 15 zones of the Mission in Maharashtra vizNashik(Pink), Solapur(White), Pune (Purple), Satara (Orange), Dombivali (Light Green), Kolhapur (Aboli-Pink shade), Aurangabad (Red), Dhule (Golden Yellow), Mumbai (Sky Blue), Ahmednagar (Pink), Nagpur (Red), Warsa (Purple), Chiplun (Golden), Raigad (Green).  There were about 100 women draped in sarees and 100 men adorned in turbansaccording to the designated colours of each zone.  The procession was formatted in troupes to exhibit traditional performances of Maharashtra viz.NashikDhol, AdivasiTarpha, Lezium, Maharashtra Ki Lokdhara (Lezium), Lezium (Band), Band Halgi, Dindi, Mangala Gaur, PawaraAdiwasi, PeshwaiCuture Presentation and Dances of Koli, Dhol Tasha, Paud, Banjara, Sindhi Sanskriti, Bhangra, AdivasiRelaand skits rendering messages of the Mission for upliftment of mankind.The procession was led by a Sewadal Band. The DholPathak by women devotees from Ahmednagar was noteworthy. Young Children, were by no means to be left out, they too took part in the procession.

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Devotees from other States of the country like Gujarat,Goa etc. tooformed part of the procession in their traditional way. The procession was depicting Unity in Diversity.

Umans Should lead Life Enriched with Human Value- Satguru mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

At the end of the procession, Her Holiness was led to the SamagamPandal by the Samagam Committee Members, other dignitaries and the SadhSangat.


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