ZEE TV’s, ‘Sethji’ brings to you an fascinating story




Rumman Ahmed who belongs to Delhi and completed 5 years in this field she is the first one from her family who entered in this field in the age of 17 said, that “ Chandigarh is very near to my heart and I feel very proud while Promoting my first  show ‘Sethji’  in Chandigarh,  Rumman Ahmed who will play the role of  Pragati shares, “During the past few decades, technology has become an integral part of our society and we live in a modern, digitalized India.

Photo by Parveen Kumar

When I heard the concept of Sethji, I immediately fell in love with the story and was intrigued that how in a century governed by technology, there exists a village which is completely untouched by it. I am excited to play the role of Pragati. She is a beautiful, independent, modern day girl who is progressive in her thoughts and a strong advocate of evolution in the form of technology and digitalization. Like any young person from the 21st century, she has not only embraced technology but belongs to a generation that have never lived or imagined a life without it.

Produced by Offshore Productions, the show will see the return of the talented Gurdeep Kohli on Indian television in the title role of Sethji. It will be interesting to see what will transpire when she comes across Sethji who is a strong woman who believes in the ways of the past, is a staunch traditionalist and detests change. I am looking forward to bringing this interesting show to the audiences and I am excited that the show I feel so passionately about is being promoted in Chandigarh, a city that I have much love and affinity for.”


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