How to Re-start business operations post lockdown


How to Re-start business operations post lockdown

With relaxation in the extended lockdown, companies will slowly begin restarting their operations and opening of their factories, albeit with several guidelines and social distancing measures in place. Currently, MHA guidelines for resuming work from offices are being operationalized by states basis their respective ground situations. It’s abundantly clear, that strict implementation of preparatory arrangements and adherence to the SOPs for social distancing at workplaces, will help the country back-to-work in a phased and safe manner.

Many IT companies have already begun operating from their offices with reduced staff, while others have resorted to only critical functions operating from workplaces. It’s indeed a sensitive topic, and unless companies are able to allay the concerns for safety of their employees, bringing them back-to-work will have to be done in a staggered manner. It is also clear that unless a vaccine for Covid-19 is introduced, companies will have to get accustomed to working remotely and accept the reality of this new normal.Disinfecting office premises prior to restart of operations and deploying sanitization tunnels at their gates, can also be an effective solution to maintaining essential hygiene.

Another way to address the significant challenge in surveillance and monitoring of employee health is by implementing temperature/thermal screening solutions. Our solutions effectively reduce manpower and provide real-time and accurate temperature measurement data for management decision making.

How to Re-start business operations post lockdown

By implementing these, companies can enable adherence to operating guidelines and adequate safety for their workforce, incorporating temperature screening and mask detection systems. These solutions have been widely implemented in countries such as South Korea, Malaysia, and Japan across establishments like schools, offices, factories, malls, etc., so that their economies can restart swiftly.

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