Prayers for Well-being & Safety of Peoples in China at KB DAV-7


Prayers for Well-being & Safety of Peoples in China at KB DAV-7


To pray for the well-being and safety of all the people in neighbouring country of China and other 16 affected countries globally, including Thailand, France, the US and Australia, Peace Club of KB DAV Sr. Sec. Public School and Yuvsatta (youth for peace)-NGO organized a prayer meeting at School’s yagyasala.

Sharing her deep concerns Mrs. Pooja Prakash, the School Principal shared that over 170 people have died in China and around 7,000 have been infected till date with CoronaVirus. We in India believe in the ethos of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, which means “the world is one family. And these challenging times, we organize a special prayer meeting today for Well-being & Safety of Peoples in China and other places in world affected due spread of Coronavirus, in which all our over 3000 young School students participated.

Mr. Pramod Sharma, founder & coordinator of Yuvsatta (youth for peace) said that “As the only two major developing countries with a population of over one billion and important representatives of emerging economies, age-old China-India relations transcend the bilateral dimension and assume global and strategic significance”. And in this hour of crisis and global concerns we all prayed today for the good of people in neighbouring China.

Pramod also added that in the past they had organized numerous Indo-China international exchange programmes and in these hours of crisis their hearts, thoughts and attention is for safety, good health and well-being of all dear Chinese brothers and sisters.

Prayers for Well-being & Safety of Peoples in China at KB DAV-7

Participating KB DAV-7 School students were carrying placards and banners of Long-live Indo-China Friendship, Prayers For China, Everything is Okay, Stay Healthy, Prayers for China, Supporting Each Other, StayStrong.


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