Rajniesh Duggall, who will be seen as Varun dev, visited Chandigarh to take his fans to the unknown world of the Aryans, a civilization which was given nothing on a platter. They found themselves born and struggling for survival in difficult terrains.

Born in such an era, Varun dev has grown to be an Aryan warrior who will become the epitome of all that was admirable about Aryans. He believes in the tenets of Aryan culture – of compassion to the needy and the weak. He is loyal to his clan. Inevitably, the best warrior in his battalion on whom his commander depends – both for his judgment as well as his abilities.

Sharing an insight into Varundev, Rajniesh said, “I am in awe of the character personally. Varundev is an Aryan warrior who will be seen rising up the ranks through his endeavor and would be leading his clan towards a better future.He added about his experience in the city, “I love this place, the good vive, infrastructure, culture and food keep bringing me back here. You can never get enough of Chandigarh and I am definitely looking forward to getting my familyto visit the city very soon

Commenting on the project, writer Vijayendra Prasad said, “This is a creation of a parallel world of heroism. My story of Varundev brings to the forefront an Aryan warrior. He is strong and intuitive. This is the only project which has brought me to television.

Aarambh, which is a complete work of fiction, is driven by all the variants of the human emotions’ spectrum – love, jealousy, pride, hatred, greed and all the other shades in between and therefore, is set to keep the audiences intrigued and wanting to see more.




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