Bogey Sport curated the “Walking With You” initiative


Bogey Sport curated the “Walking With You” initiative

Bogey Sport curated the “Walking With You” initiative in the country through crowdfunding and with the collaboration of Chandigarh Golf Club, Panchkula Golf club and other takeholders in hopes of providing support for the golf industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Walking with You” initiative provides short-term financial or essential assistance to certain workers in the golf industry that are the backbone of our sport and facing significant financial hardship including those suffering as a result of COVID-19 With the support of Chandigarh Golf Club President Mr.Sandeep Singh Sandhu, Chairman Col.Iqbal Singh and General Manager Col. APS Johal,300 grocery kits were distributed to caddies under this initiative. Financial assistance was given by respective golf clubs to their caddies.

The Bogey Sport's contribution included every member of its executive team voluntarily reducing his or her compensation and pledging personal donations Jitender Singh Rialch Founder of Bogey sport said ‘the main objective of the initiative “Walking with you” is to ensure that OUR PEOPLE are able to get back on their feet ‘ during these tough times and also to create an additional safety net for needy people in future In a similar manner 100 grocery kits were distributed to Panchkula Golf Club caddies with the support of President Col.A S Dhillon .In A total of 400 grocery kits has been distributed by Bogey Sport to date.

Bogey Sport will remain committed to the welfare of the caddies in times to come.
“We fully understand our corporate social responsibility and will keep undertaking such community initiatives in future also,” said Arshpreet Kaur Director in Bogey Sport.

Bogey Sport curated the “Walking With You” initiative

The Bogey Sport said the initiative will be supported by other golf organizations, golf courses, associations, corporates and merchandisers Our hope is the industry gets behind it. “Bogey sports is a start-up technology platform for the golfing community by connecting the full ecosystem, The mission of Bogey Sports is to create value and enhancing the golfing experience and growing the game of golf.

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