A workshop on ‘Conscious Parenting’ was conducted by Dr. Harish Sharma a psychologist, child behaviour expert, certified clinical hypnotherapist & a relationship counselor at both the Dikshant International & Global Schools.

The main focus of the workshop was to reflect on effective approaches to parenting of children of current era, which would help them grow up to be happy, creative and responsible human beings.  Dr Sharma covered subjects like Child psychology, types of parenting styles, mistakes that parents make, do’s and don’ts of a parent etc. There was a special emphasis on how to handle the emotional issues of teenage life; increase concentration of children so as to enhance academic performance. The workshop provided a platform for parents to understand the intricate dynamics of the parent- child relationship and learn effective parenting strategies.

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“The workshop cum counseling session for parents was aimed at igniting the thought process in parents about the need to identify their child’s aptitude, personality strengths, talents and interests and hence make informed choices at various levels of parenting & education of their kids.” Said Mitul Dikshit, Chairman, Dikshant Group of Schools.



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