Daler Mehndi all set to make Kolkata dance with his music



Daler Mehndi all set to make Kolkata dance with his music at the prestigious BF Park, Salt Lake at the ongoing Kali Puja celebrations organised by the Salt Lake Maitri Sangha. In its 30th year, this 22 October, Sunday will witness the goddess of music, veteran Bollywood singer Asha Bhosle take the stage, the evening concluding with Mehndi belting out his foot tapping dance numbers.

“This visit to Kolkata has energised me beyond words. The entire city is lit up. There is not a single nook or corner which is not vibrant. The energy of the city is infectious. Every road, the flyovers, the buildings the entire city scapes is wired with lights, positivity and is rejuvenating for any visitor. On my way from the airport to the hotel, I was welcomed to the sounds of Bolo Ta Ra Ra, Balle Balle blaring from speakers at various crossings as our cars steered the fairy lights lit roads,” exclaims DalerMehndi.

 Daler Mehndi all set to make Kolkata dance with his music

You have great fan following in Kolkata, any messages for your fans?
This city breathes music, culture. I think there would rarely be a soul in this city that isn’t moved by music or dance. I am humbled with all the adulation my fans have showered upon me over the years. I think Jab se maine hosh sambhala hai, Daler Mehndi hi ek aisa kalaakar hai jisne bhot thorey gaane gaye aur Bhagwan ki dya se woh sdaabahaar ho gye. (I have been very lucky and blessed.
There are singers who have sung many songs and here is a singer singing in regional punjabi language, with a very few songs in the repertoire throughout the career and each one of them has become ever green.)

I don’t socialise, am barely seen on any tv show, have no mentor in the industry, I am not very active on social media as well. I am what I am only because of the unending love of all my fans. I thank them with all my heart and request them to continue to bless, love and support my music.

You are a foodie? What’s on your plate here?
After a quick snack at the coffee shop in Hyaat where we gorged on the yummiest thin crust basil pizza, we headed out to enjoy the city. You’ve got to visit Kolkata during this festive season. The city should be on your bucket list. The subtly lit magnificent Victoria museum never ceases to impress you. We headed to Gurdwara Sant Kuttiya. I have stayed here for a while when I was five years old, my parents served here as ragis. The chai tastes the same. One must have the saffron tea opposite the gurdwara sahab at the Sharma tea house and you will love the puri, kachori Aloo which they start serving at 4 in the morning.


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