Doctors at Fortis Hospital highlights the Benefits of Blood Donation


Gaurika Sharma

Doctors at Fortis Hospital, Mohali highlight the Health Benefits of Voluntary Blood Donation


  • Blood Donation camp at the hospital saw as many as 130 persons voluntarily donating their blood


On World Blood Donor Day, doctors at Fortis Hospital Mohali highlighted various health benefits of voluntary blood donation at a Blood Donation Camp organised within the hospital premises held today. Dr Apra Kalra, Head, Blood Bank, Fortis Hospital, Mohali spoke at length about the crucial role that blood brings in the treatment of patients in hospitals. The special blood donation camp saw as many as 130 persons donating their blood.

Doctors at Fortis Hospital highlights the Benefits of Blood Donation

Dr Apra Kalra said, “The wonderful fact about donating blood is that a single donation can benefit several patients in critical conditions. Any adult over the age of 18 can donate blood and it takes only 30 minutes in any licensed blood bank; and the volume is replaced in a few hours while the cells take around 48 hours to regenerate.”Talking about various health benefits of blood donation, Dr Kalra added, “Blood donation at timely intervals maintain the iron level and reduce the risk of health ailments; especially cardiovascular health. It also helps burn calories. The biggest benefit of all is that your red blood cells are completely replenished within two months that will help you to stay healthy and fit.”

Doctors at Fortis Hospital highlights the Benefits of Blood Donation

Blood donation helps save millions of people every year. It is a critical element for patients undergoing treatment for life threatening conditions, supports complex medical & surgical procedures and helps them to recover well with a better quality of life. Availability and access of safe blood in requisite quantity remains key components of an effective healthcare system. An adequate supply can only be ensured through regular donations by voluntary and unpaid donors. Around 112.5 million blood donations are collected globally every year. The average blood donation rate in India remains at a low rate of 0.8 only.



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