Food options when you skip Lunch


Food options when you skip Lunch

Assume that t s four Pm and you have missed lunch. Assume also that you are travelling alone and don’t really want to go down to the coffee shop. So, you stick to the room service menu. If you like wheat, you will be a happiest person.

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Most of the menu are consist of the Sandwiches. If theHotel is ambitious then it will offer alternatives to sandwiches. Kathi Rolls etc. If you want something more substantial,then there may be pizzas. Or, if you want something that is more like a meal, then you could have a bowl of pasta. it is pretty much the same at breakfast. And if you don’t want to start your day with eggs or bacon, then how about french toast? Waffles? pancakes? Or, you can go Indian parathas? Puri bhaji? If you are a vegetarian and want to avoid wheat then, outside of lunch and dinner, you will be able to eat only something like ten percent of the menu. The other 90 percent will be out of your reach.So, I think hotels should start rethinking their menus. More and more people are avoiding wheat and somewhere the phrase ‘gluten free’ has gone from being an abscure expression used by health- faddists to becoming a standard feature on menus and at supermarkets at west.

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Choose healthy :-

If you are already late and don’t get time for your lunch and going for travel, Try to Pack some healthy eatables while Traveling. Carry some zero calorie beverages with you to keep yourself hydrated enough. downsizing the portion sizes is a better choice instead of refraining from the food one is tempted to. share the platters plan and  order food items never go random on selection of eatables. this is the root cause of eating inappropriate food and right food choices start from right selection.

Feel free to ask the waiter about the dishes  you are ordering the way it is made, the ingredients it consists of and the selection of gravies etc cooking method also plays an important role while you select the food item steamed, baked, fried etc.






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