How to start a Yoga center in India


How to start a Yoga center in India

Yoga, an aboriginal Indian practice circumferential physical, mental and spiritual wellness has been one of the highest trends in the fitness and wellness industry.

A huge part of the population have stress and an unhealthy lifestyle continuous to create disease and elements. To reduce these stress more and more people looking at yoga for wellbeing. Further, for starting a yoga center, the investment is minimal making it an ideal business for those interested in yoga. In this article, we will look at how to start a yoga center in India and ISO registration.

A Business Plan: – The first and important step before starting any business is to write a good & effective business plan. An effective and clear plan is necessary for success as an entrepreneur. A business plan is like a forecast plan of every successful business that will help to select the right phenomenon, space, hire an appropriate number of employees and determine how much risky condition in this business and how much risky condition in this business and how much you can able to handle this risk in future. When preparing your business plan you should notice a few important topics like your initial costs, target market, competitors, marketing goals and how long you can survive in the market to break even situation.

Legal Entity: – If your yoga center is sued, establishing a legal business entity prevents you from being personally liable. Some important factor like liability, taxation, and ease of setup and ownership control you should keep in mind while choosing any legal entities.

Yoga studio should be started as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or Company it is more preferable to ensure the investment in terms of rental deposits or interiors are transferable to another person in the future if the need arises. If your yoga center is set up like the as the separate artificial judicial person, then all the agreements and registration would be in the name of the separate legal entity for making it comfortable for transfer in future. If you want to start a small scale yoga center than consider to start off as a sole proprietor and you can change to another legal entity if your business expands.

ISO Registration for Yoga Center: – ISO stands for The International Organization for Standardization). ISO certificate is required for quality control. ISO registration is compulsory for every yoga center and teacher of yoga. Ministry of Ayush and owned by Quality Council of India (QCI), an autonomous body that provides quality standards for various sectors in India.

In the process of ISO registration first of you should have to choose the type of ISO certificate. These are various types of ISO certificate areas:-

ISO 9001 2008   – Quality Management

ISO 14001          – Environment Management

ISO 27001          – Information Security Management

ISO 22008          – Food Safety Management and so on.

After selecting the ISO certificate type, choose the ISO certificate body because the certificate is done by the external body. The process of ISO certificate in India is as follows:-

  1. Create an application/ contract: – The registrar and the applicant must agree on a contract. In this contract defines the rights and obligations of both parties and includes liabilities issues, confidentiality, and access right.
  2. Investigation and quality review of the documents: – Various policies and procedures being followed in the organization by the ISO auditor for review all your quality manuals & document. Review of existing work helps the ISO auditor to investigate the possible gap regarding the requirements to the ISO standards.
  3. Make an action plan: – Applicant should prepare an action plan or reply to eliminate these plan after the ISO auditor communication the existing gaps in your organization. Maintain and prepare a list of the required tasks to be performed to bring the desired changes in your organization. Give training all the employees and aware of the ISO standards in terms of work efficiency and quality standards.

4.Initial Certificate Audit: – In the audit process has included 2 steps. In the first step, ISO auditor will audit the changes made by the applicant in his organization. ISO auditor identifies non-conformities which are minor and major divide by the auditor in system and procedure to the desired quality management system. The applicant assesses these non-conformities. In the 2nd step, after changes done in the organization, the ISO auditor does the final auditing. The auditor will check that non-conformities have been eliminated or not regarding ISO certificate. If the ISO auditor gets satisfied, they prepare the final audit report and forward it to the ISO registrar.

  1. Approval for the ISO Certificate: – After addressed all the non –conformities and all the findings are put in ISO audit report, the ISO registrar will grant you the ISO certificate. That was the last step of ISO registration.


Service tax and Income tax Return file: – Under in Finance Act 2005, yoga services and Income from yoga services are tax-free under Indirect and Direct tax. So, there is no requirement of Income tax return. But, to the incorporation, a yoga center would be require registered in Service tax.

How to start a Yoga center in India


We hope that you get understand all the information regarding how to start a yoga center in India and ISO registration. These guidelines will help you incorporate your yoga center and your dreams also. All the success of your business is up to you. Keep your eyes and ears open and enjoy living your passion.



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