Kamal Haasan promises ‘right to recall’ MLAs


Kamal Haasan promises ‘right to recall’ MLAs

Kamal Haasan promises ‘right to recall’

Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) president Kamal Haasan, during an election campaign on Thursday, has promised ‘right to recall’ if any party MLA fails to fulfill election promises.
Kamal at Madipakkam campaign meeting on Thursday.
Kamal at Madipakkam campaign meeting on Thursday.

“All our candidates should agree to right to recall. The candidates will sign agreement with the local activists and seniors promising to rectify issues in the constituencies. If people say their MLA failed to fulfill the promise after winning, the MLA will be recalled, “ Kamal Haasan said. The actor-turned politician, who is also a chief minister candidate, spoke in the election campaign conducted in Madipakkam.

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Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kamal said “son of a poor mother had sold the country to Adani and Ambani. “There is a farmer’s son here (Tamil Nadu). He had burdened the state with Rs. 5 lakh crore debt. He mortgaged the entire state, “ Kamal said.

In a veiled statement hinting at the 10.5 per cent reservation to Vanniyar, Kamal said that it is not important to do good to particular caste, it is important to do good to the Tamil people. He alleged the central government is trying to implement monotheism in the country.

“Diversity is our identity. Secularism is not for sale. Also, addressing social justice is only a lip service. They (DMK) have reduced the number seats to Thirumavalavan to 6 from 21. Where is your social justice? Thirumavalavan will join hands with MNM in next election, “ he said.

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Kamal Haasan promises ‘right to recall’ MLAs

Answering criticism regarding his stand of centrism, Kamal said that the any ‘ism’ is created for people.

“All ‘ism’ are work in progress like our society, “ he added.

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