Kapil Sharma Visited Chandigarh For His UP Coming Movie Firangi



Kapil Sharma Visited Chandigarh For promotion of His UP Coming Movie Firangi releasing on 24 november 2017.

1920… when India was still under British Rule.

This is the story of Manga, a happy-go-lucky young man from the village Bahrampur, whose only aim is to join the police force. But as the luck, or his ill luck would have it, Manga fails in all the 3 attempts.

Manga’s life takes a 360-degree turn when he goes to village Naku Guda to attend the marriage of his childhood friend, Heera and meets Sargi, a young and pretty girl, and it is love at first sight. Manga’s charm not only manages to win Sargi’s love, he also becomes an apple of the eye for the Naku Gudians.

Manga is blessed with a shafa (God’s blessing) for he could cure anybody who suffered from a backache.

Once Manga cures Mark Daniels, a powerful British officer, who often suffered from backache, he is awarded a job of an orderly in the police force as his orderly.

Kapil Sharma Visited Chandigarh For His UP Coming Movie Firangi
Photo by Parveen kumar

Manga is now confident that Sargi’s dada ji (a staunch Gandhi ji’s supporter), who always disliked Manga, will now agree for Manga and Sargi’s marriage, as Manga is a cop now. However, Laala ji refuses the rishta as he hates firangis and of course, Manga is a servant of the firangis now. Manga and Sargi are heartbroken.

Manga truly respects Mark but he does not know that Mark, along with the king Inderveer Singh (the king of a small riyaasat Channthala) is planning to open a distillery on the very land of Naku Guda. Mark not only wants to become an industrialist, he also wants to marry Inderveer Singh’s daughter, Shyamali Devi, who has just returned from London after completing her studies. Shyamali Devi has a soft corner for Manga and loves his simplicity. At the same time, Shyamali hates Mark and does not want to marry him.

Inderveer Singh announces to the villagers that they would have to vacate the village and would be given a new land. The villagers oppose this decision. Laala ji also threatens the king with severe legal consequences if the decision is not taken back. That’s where Manga steps in and assures them that he would sort this out with the help of his Mark saab.

Manga complains to Mark who, in turn, scolds Inderveer Singh for such a cruel and illegal decision. Inderveer Singh apologizes. Manga is elated. Inderveer Singh asks Manga to invite all the Naku Gudians to his palace for a party where he would apologize to each one of them.

The villagers happily agree. They go the palace where Inderveer Singh offers them drinks, laced with a drug.

Next morning the villagers wake up only to realize that Inderveer Singh has taken their thumbprints on the sale-deed. They are thrown out of their own

village. They get furious, as they doubt Manga for having done that. Now the whole village, including Sargi, hates Manga.

Will Manga be able to win Sargi’s love and Naku Guda back? Will Shyamali Devi marry Mark? Will Manga be called a traitor forever… or…





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