Large aneurysm treated successfully with Endovascular Neurosurgery


Large aneurysm treated successfully with Endovascular Neurosurgery

A 45-yr old woman suffering from a large aneurysm arising from a cavernous segment of the right internal carotid artery (ballooning of artery) was treated successfully with Endovascular Neurosurgery at Ivy Hospital, Mohali recently.

Anjali ( name changed ) from Bathinda was facing severe headache and drooping of Right eyelid. On MRI a large 2.5 cm aneurysm was discovered in a cavernous segment of the Right Internal carotid artery was the cause of her problems.

Earlier this kind of problem was treated with open surgery, but Dr Vineet Saggar, Head of Neuro Interventional and Endovascular Neurosurgery is treating this kind of patient successfully with Endovascular Neurosurgery from the past 5-years at Ivy.

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Giving information during a press conference on Wednesday, Dr Saggar said that In this technique a catheter through femoral artery is passed upto aneurysm  , which is then sealed with coils.

Nowadays flow diverter or stent-assisted coiling is used to treat such large aneurysms, he informed.

It was a complicated case as the affected artery of the patient was in very bad shape. Due to this, it was difficult to place a flow diverter or stent in it as there were high chances of them getting blocked, he said.

Dr Saggar further informed that it was decided to block the affected artery. The help of balloon occlusion test was taken to check any adverse effects of artery occlusion on the patient. If a patient experiences no abnormal effects on balloon occlusion then the artery is blocked.

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This is a very complicated procedure, said Saggar who is an expert in performing this kind of complex procedure.

Large aneurysm treated successfully with Endovascular Neurosurgery

Dr Saggar also informed that brain stroke patients can also be treated with this Endovascular Neurosurgery procedure. If a patient suffering from stroke can be brought into the hospital within 4-5 hours of stroke, the stroke-affected area can be opened by mechanical thrombectomy and the life of patients can be saved, he maintained.

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