Meet the Handsome & Mischievous Nikhil Khurana in Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain’ 



Handsome and Witty Nikhil Khurana will be playing the role of Pancham in Sony SAB’s upcoming comedy show ‘Jijaji Chhat Per Hain’. Pancham is an aspiring Music director who belongs to a small town. During his struggle in the music industry he he starts working for Elaichi’s father in order to make ends meet. He lives on rent in their Barsati (small room on the roof) which gives him the front row seat to Elaichi’s Pranks. Nikhil gives us a sneak peek into what it means to play the character of Pancham.

1)      This is your fourth show as a lead, how does it feel?

  1. A)It feels fantastic, I am back with a comedy after 3 years. What makes a project special are its people, hence I have to mention that working with this team been great which includes the director and my co-actors. The vibe on the set is very positive and I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

2)      Describe your character of Pancham in brief

  1. A)Pancham is a simple guy who belongs to a lower middle class family. He has come from a tier II city and has come to Delhi to become a music composer. He a dedicated, respectful and a committed guy but at the same time little mischievous as well, so it is a very interesting character.

3)      Do you relate with Pancham in real life?

  1. A)Yes, I do have a shade of Pancham and I do relate with the character in different ways. 

4)      Has anyone played any prank on you which you would never forget?

  1. A)Yes, all the time. Usually I am the one who is pranking people. I still remember this prank which I played on my friend. My friend wanted to go on a date with a beautiful girl from our college, so he asked me to ask the girl for the date on behalf of him. I immediately cooked a prank and asked a completely different girl who was physically on the heavier side for the date. On the day of the date, the situation was so hilarious when he found himself staring at a completely different girl than the one he dreamed of. 

5)      How is it portraying the role of Pancham? Any challenges you faced?

  1. A)The character of Pancham is very rustic. I have had no experience living in a similar environment as he does, though I have stayed in a mohalla, which is a little similar setting though in an urban city.

6)      How is you chemistry with Elaichi who will be playing your love interest in the show?

  1. A) I think we have good chemistry. She is so much fun to be around and a good actor that really helps in bringing alive both our characters on the silver screen.


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