Motorists secure duo on scooter with EVMs, VVPAT


Motorists secure duo on scooter with EVMs, VVPAT

Motorists secure duo on scooter with EVMs VVPAT

Tension prevailed in Velachery after motorists secured two men carrying EVM and VVPAT machine on a two-wheeler after the polling, and handed them over to the police.

After preliminary inquiry, a senior official told DT Next that the two were Corporation staff and machines in their possession were reserve ones to be used in case of technical snag in the allotted machines. Later in the night, the Corporation Commissioner, who is also the District Election Officer, said in a statement that the staff have been placed under suspension.

“Only the allotted EVMs are escorted by the mobile police parties to and from the polling booths, while the ones on reserve would be with the zonal officers,” said the official.

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The official said the machines could have been brought the booth in the zonal officer’s car, but why they were returned on a two-wheeler would be known only after investigation. The police took the two men to the Returning Officer for verification of the reserve machines.

The incident happened around 7.30 pm when motorists spotted a duo carrying two EVMs and a VVPAT on the scooter. When they were stopped and questioned, the men allegedly gave contradictory replies. So the two-wheeler and machines were confiscated and the police were alerted.

Motorists secure duo on scooter with EVMs, VVPAT

Videos of motorists questioning the duo went viral on social media soon after the incident. It may be noted that an incident in Assam where EVMs were ferried on a BJP leader’s car had made headlines a few days ago.

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