RailYatri reports Top 5 most delayed trains in Chandigarh

Saharsha - Amritsar Weekly Express tops the list with a delay of 33 hrs


India’s fastest growing travel app, RailYatri reports that 35% of trains reaching Chandigarh station arrive much later than their scheduled time. RailYatri’s data scientists collect crowd-sourced data on train running status and after adding an intelligent layer of intense algorithm come up with trends which show the performing/non-performing trains at a particular station. According to the RailYatri findings, 15531 Saharsha – Amritsar Jansadharan Weekly Exp is the most delayed train at Chandigarh station in the last three months (February, March, April). The list below shows the Top 5 Most Delayed trains at Chandigarh.

“Many trains reaching Chandigarh show huge delay in arrival time. As Chandigarh is also the most important railhead for popular tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh, train delay here can mess up anyone’s holiday plans. RailYatri uses deep data analysis to regularly bring out train trends from across the country and hope such insight about performing and non-performing trains will go a long way in helping passengers plan their travel better,” says RailYatri spokesperson Ms Florina Soren.

Top 5 Most Delayed trains at Chandigarh

Train Number Train Name Maximum Delay (in min)
15531 SAHARSA – AMRITSAR Jansadharan Weekly Exp (UnReserved) 1995 (33 hrs.)
15903 DIBRUGARH – CHANDIGARH Express 985 (16 hrs.)
12311 HOWRAH – KALKA SF Mail Express 776 (13 hrs.)
14217 PRAYAG – CHANDIGARH Uchahar Express 708 (11.5 hrs.)
22685 YESVANTPUR – CHANDIGARH Karnataka Sampark Kranti Exp 641 (10.5 hrs.)

However, if you are travelling to Chandigarh anytime soon, RailYatri also reports about trains with least delays. So booking in the below mentioned trains can help you reach your destination with least delay. The 19717 Jaipur – Chandigarh Intercity Exp tops the list with a minimum delay of 15min.

Top 5 trains with least delay at Chandigarh

Train Number Train Name Minimum Delay (in min)
19717 JAIPUR – CHANDIGARH Intercity Exp 15
19307 INDORE – CHANDIGARH Weekly Express 31
12449 MADGAON – CHANDIGARH Goa Sampark Kranti Exp 38
14888 BARMER – KALKA Express 52
14615 LALKUAN – AMRITSAR Express 63

Armed with RailYatri intelligence, travellers can now better-plan their trips to/from Chandigarh so as to avoid unnecessary delay in train travel. RailYatri also reports that train performance across the country are better in the mid-year months of June-August, when train delays are comparatively low.


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