Sprott Shaw College offers three new courses for Indian students



Canada is fast emerging as the preferred destination for international education, thanks to its excellent education system. Canada is becoming increasingly popular, especially among Indian students, who are reaching the North American country in huge numbers every year.  And for those, who are just pondering over the possibilities, Sprott Shaw College (SSC) has come calling with some of the best offers.  

Sprott Shaw College President, Mr. Patrick Dang was here in the city today and he elaborated about the College and the courses it was offering to Indian students. He said, “Sprott Shaw College is one of the oldest institutions in BC, Canada. The institution was established in 1903 and since then it has been offering programs to students that mirror the modern job market needs. We are introducing three new key specific programs for Indian students. These include BCIT Pathway program, which is has been specially carved out in association with British Columbia Institute of Technology. Another program is the Post Graduate Certificate in Nusring, which trains students who want to become a Registered Nurse in Canada. Besides, we have also come up with Industrial design and sustainable architecture programs”.

Mr. Dang further said, “Our programs provide students the necessary skills to reach their full potential and accomplish their career goals. Along with these programs, SSC also focuses on training International students to fill the upcoming vacancies in the job market in the upcoming 3-5 years”.

“We understand the importance of meaningful careers and our team makes this our priority to find permanent employment for our graduates”, he added.



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