The “Parvasi” leader should now return to his home state of UP for his professional “loot” and spare our precious Punjab – Khaira



By not turning up for the debate today tainted Minister Rana Gurjeet Singh has accepted all of my allegations and proved that he is a meek and coward leader.  The “Parvasi” leader should now return to his home state of UP for his professional “loot” and spare our precious Punjab – Khaira

As we are aware, the tainted Minister Rana Gurjeet Singh had issued a bogus statement couple of days back, challenging me to prove allegations of corruption and conflict of interest levelled by me recently. The tainted Minister has been very cleverly and mischievously issuing denials and rebuttals to serious allegations levelled by me, accused me to be a frustrated leader aiming to remain in media galore. The arrogant Minister went to the extent of equating himself with an elephant (actually white elephant of Capt. Amarinder Singh’s drawing room), which only shown his bloated ego and brazen power drunkenness.

I don’t mind the corrupt and tainted Minister calling me any amount of names, any number of adjectives or his abusive language to make mockery of serious issues raised by me, but I will not relent when it comes to safeguarding the interests of Punjab from greedy politicians like him.

The tainted Minister has been skirting all issues raised by me by issuing vague and inappropriate statements. For example, while denying allegations of conflict of interest yesterday, he said that the case is five years old and that he has right to take legal recourse. Let me clarify that the Civil Appeal No. 6734 filed by PSPCL against Rana Sugars Ltd. is of 2015 and is not five years old in any manner. Secondly, my allegations are that it is a clear cut case of conflict of interest, as he is the Power Minister and the state power company PSPCL has filed the said petition against the Rana Sugars Ltd. My argument is that the tainted Minister is pressurising the PSPCL to withdraw the said Civil Appeal 6734 from the Supreme Court. How does he dismiss such specific allegations directly related to him as baseless or meaningless?

Similarly, the issues of ‘benami’ mining auction through his frontmen Amit Bahadur his Nepali cook etc. and illegitimate grabbing of ‘Deh-Shamlat’ government land of v. Seonk, are very specific, authenticated and supported by concrete documentation.



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