Webnnel: Redefining E-Novels and E-Comics



    Do you like thrill? Do you like entertainment? Do you like a rush of adrenaline when you are reading a story? Do you like a combination of all of this?

    If your answer is a resounding YES to any of the above, look no further, for Webnnel has it all! Founded by Nikita Arora in August 2014, Webnnel is a unique fiction web-entertainment platform that collaborates with some of the finest storytellers from across the globe to develop, produce and publish handcrafted stories in both the E-Novels and E-Comics categories.

    With an aim to empower writers, entertain the users and give Sponsors optimum returns, Webnnel has introduced a new paradigm in the online fiction entertainment space, where value is created through quality rather than quantity.

    Just like what one sees on American TV, Webnnel publishes E-Novels and E-Comics series in seasons, with new chapters being uploaded every week. A typical season lasts for about four months and in this span, a limited number of series are promoted. While on one hand, this helps in ensuring that readers have a healthy mix of content to read and choose from, on the other hand, it helps in making each series reach its potential as concerted and dedicated efforts are put in behind each one of them. Also, by uploading chapters weekly, utmost care is taken to maintain the quality of content. The content could be viewed for free until new E-Novels and E-Comics are introduced in the new season.

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    Webnnel is fast gaining popularity, with its two pilot seasons garnering over 10.5 lakh reads and the website boasting of 86 thousand unique users. While shows like ‘The Writer’s Table’ and ‘The Backstage’, which chronicle the lives of strong women as they go through the ups and downs of life are immensely popular with readers, ‘The Mountain Abyss’ talks about the tragedies that a group of college students face on their first college trip together.

    “Webnnel is a unique concept and very unique platform. I’d always look forward to the new chapter every week for it kept the excitement intact” opines Reshma Nawaz, a user from Bangalore.

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    The latest season is slated to launch in the month of February, 2018 and will feature 3 new E-Novels and 1 new E- Comic series.

    Upcoming Activities:

    In view of expanding its outreach in order to extend its entertainment services to more and more readers, Webnnel is organizing two Facebook live events on its official Facebook page (facebook.com/webnnel) this weekend. These quizzes are based on popular characters and provide winners a chance to collect fascinating memorabilia associated with the series/characters.

    The first quiz is The Ultimate Batman Trivia Quiz. It will be organised on Saturday, 20th January, 2018 from 6 pm onwards. The winner of the quiz will get a 30th Anniversary Edition of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Returns comic.

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    The second quiz is The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz. This will be organised on Sunday, 21st January, 2018 from 6 PM onwards. The winner of this quiz will get Albus Dumbledore’s Wand.

    What makes these events unique is that these quizzes will be a live activity where a host will be asking questions related to the two series. The participants will get 30 seconds to answer each question in the comments section; all in real time. The one who gets all questions right will be declared the winner.


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