90 sr citizens attended heath talk on swine flu at Ropar


90 sr citizens attended heath talk on swine flu at Ropar


As many as 90 senior citizens attended an Ivy Hospital, Mohali’s heath talk on ‘Swine Flu’ at Senior Citizens Council, Ropar on Friday evening.


Addressing talk, Dr Sachin Verma consultant-Internal Medicine, Ivy Hospital said that influenza virus is the reason for swine flu.


He said , they are of 3 types namely Influenza A, B, C. Influenza A further has its own subtypes and out of those H1N1 virus is responsible for the disease to break out, he remarked.


Dr Sachin further informed that symptoms in initial stage are mild cough, cold and fever. Maximum numbers of patients who are coming to OPD complains of headache and body ache.


In approximately 1 % of patients, these symptoms get increased in intensity and patient feels difficulty in breathing, unconsciousness, respiratory failure and in some cases death happens, he informed.


There is no need to panic as there is so much phobia spread about the Swine flu especially in India. It is not deadly if you are aware of the safety measures that need to be taken in case you are diagnosed with the disease, he clarified.


Talking on how to diagnose swine flu, Dr Sachin said that culture can also be done but it is not that sensitive. Generally to detect the virus, throat swab need to be collected within 4 to 5 days of illness.

 90 sr citizens attended heath talk on swine flu at Ropar

Talking about prevention, he said that one should maintain a distance of at least 1-meter from the infected person. Wash your hands regularly, avoid crowded areas and take ample rest, said Dr Sachin  adding patient should try to sneeze cautiously so that respiratory droplets do not get spread and thus your relatives and friends can be saved.



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