Covid-19:- Precautions in Wake of Corona virus Outbreak


Covid-19:- Precautions in Wake of Corona virus Outbreak

As we all know that a Hazardous virus Coronavirous has already spread out severely. So, we need to take as much as precautions we can do to prevent the Virus. Like wise:-

Covid-19:- Precautions in Wake of Corona virus Outbreak

Avoid gatherings, Outings to prevent the spread of Covid- 19. We should avoid public gathrings, minimum use of public transport and avoiding going out to malls, restaurants, food courts and clubs, especially children must avoid gathering in play grounds and crowded places.

Employees who have flu- like symptoms should work from home.

Avoid sharing cigarettes and drinks, and do not Hug or Shake hands, follow the traditional Indian form of greeting.

Practice social distancing as in, maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from a person having flu-like symptoms.

If you have flu-like symptoms, cancel appointments with salons, beauty parlous.

Minimise the scale of ceremonies, events, parties or postpone them altogether. And postpone political rallies, conferences, seminars, book launches, exhibitions, and all sporting events.

Avoid unnecessary visits to markets, picnic spots, amusement parks, gymnasium, zoos, swimming pools, cinema halls, and theaters.

Those who are less than 5 years or more than 65 years old, or have multiple co-morbid conditions. such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, airway disease, must take special precautions.

The regulations state that if covid-19 cases are reported from a defined geographical area such as a sector, village, ward, colony. The Chandigarh administration will have the right implement containment measures for sealing off the geographical area. barring entry and exit of population from the containment area. closure of schools and offices, banning vehicular movement in the area initiating active. And passive surveillance of covid-19 cases and hospital isolation of all suspected cases.

Covid-19:- Precautions in Wake of Corona virus Outbreak

As per govt rules no private lab has been authorized to take or test samples for covid-19 in Chandigarh. All such samples will be collected as per guidelines of the government of
India. And will be sent to designated labs by the nodal officer of the designated hospital of department of health and family welfare Chandigarh administration.

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