Haryanvi Jaat book Akhand Path for next 21 year at Nada Sahib

Sector 6 resident Balbir Singh book for Akhand Path next 21 years in Nada Sahib. Giving information, Jagir Singh, manager of the Gurdwara Management Committee, said that on the last day, Balbir Singh resident of Sector 6 Panchkula came and said that on September 24, my grand daughter’s first birthday and I am hurt with constant female feticide in Haryana .
Haryanvi Jaat ,Akhand Path, next 21 year ,Nada Sahib
Haryanvi Jaat ,Akhand Path
Balbir Singh Dandayan told the manager that his son Aarju Dandayan and daughter-in-law Arman Man had gone to the US before born a girl child. Armaan Maan Dandyan gave birth to daughter Jehanab on September 24, last year. If his son and daughter-in-law think of migrating to America, because of American citizenship of Jahanab, then at least came from the India, daughter-in-law and son continue to be revered for the daughters. Therefore, for the next 21 years, cut the slip of  Akhand Path in Nada Sahib.

Haryanvi Jaat booking Akhand Path for next 21 year at Nada Sahib Gurdwara Chandigarh, August, 22, 2018

Haryanvi Jaat book Akhand Path for next 21 year at Nada Sahib
Haryanvi Jaat,Akhand Path, Nada Sahib
The manager told that after convincing enough, when Balvir Singh did not believe. The manager asked Balvir Dandyan to cut two years’ slip, so that he would say that if I died after two years, who would come to cut the slip. After this, the manager has booked Akhand Path for 21 years from 22 September to 24 September, on the birthday of the grand daughter of Balvir Singh Dandyan. Nada Sahib has a book of 7500 rupees for a one Akhand Path. In this regard, Balbir Singh Dandyan said that i Nada Sahib n my Gurudwara Nada Sahib there was immense faith. The first grand daughter is born in my house. Haryanvi Jaat Balbir Singh is very happy. I had a Akhand Path book for 21 years at Nada Sahib.


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