Highly obese can effectively lose fat with bariatric surgery, Dr Amit

By 2025, India to have over 17 million obese children, will rank second in world in obesity


Highly obese can effectively lose fat with bariatric surgery, Dr Amit

we have got new life, say patients who have undergone bariatric surgery for weight control

Obesity has taken such serious proportions that if we do not change our eating habits and start exercising, by the year 2025 India will have over 17 million obese children and the country will earn second place in world for being most obese nation.

Dr Amit Garg, Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon, Fortis Hospital, Mohali said while addressing media persons here today. Extensively talking about obesity, its effects and treatments available he said that obesity has bwckma a global epidemic. Globally 39% of adults aged 18 years and above are overweight and about 13% obese (WHO factsheet 2016). This global rise in obesity has also affected India as well. India which was traditionally known for malnutrition earlier has also seen a rise in number of cases of overweight and obesity.

According to NFHS Survey 2005-2006, Punjab topped the list of the rate of obesity in entire India with 30.3% of males and 37.5% of female being obese.

For many obese individuals, Bariatric Surgery provides the most effective long-term solution for weight loss when other methods have failed.

He added that bariatric program at Fortis Hospital, Mohali  is the most comprehensive program in the region which is designed and directed by surgeons who are fellowship-trained in medical weight management and bariatric surgery and are supported by a multidisciplinary team of specialists. The Bariatric Center at Fortis Hosptial, Mohali has been ranked 5th in the nation and second in the North region according to The All India Lifestyle Hospital & Clinic Survey 2016

“On average, people can expect to lose 60 to 70 percent of excess body weight, which can be 40 kgs  or more.” Like any weight loss plan, patients have to make lifestyle changes to make it work including exercise and adopting healthy eating habits.

“After surgery, we follow them closely for the first 18 months and then annually to help keep them healthy and motivated. We work closely with their primary care doctor to check weight and nutrition, recommend labs and address any issues such as nutritional deficits, medical issues and any excess weight gain so we can help our patients stay on track, ” added Dr Amit.

To inculcate lifestyle changes in the patients undergoing surgery, Fortis Hospital Bariatric Center also includes medical nutritionists, an exercise specialist and a clinical psychologist to support a patient’s medical, physical and mental health throughout the process.

Depending on the type of surgery and amount of weight loss Gastrectomy Surgery has been shown to improve or resolve diabetes in up to 93% of patients; reduce sleep apnea by 90 percent; lower high blood pressure by 60 percent; decrease joint pain by 60 to 70 percent; and drop high cholesterol by 60 percent. Bariatric surgery patients also have been shown to live longer than their obese counterparts.

 “The health and quality of life benefits these patients receive from bariatric surgery and other weight loss methods are tremendous,” says Dr. Amit Garg. “They are more mobile, feel better about themselves, have less depression and have better family, social and work lives.”

How these people got new lives after surgery???

At the press conference many patients who have undergone bariatric/ metabolic surgery at Fortis Hospital, Mohali shared their success stories. Mr Sanjeev Sood,  45 yrs old  from Moga, who got Metabolic Surgery by Dr Amit Garg shared, ‘ I had a long history of poorly controlled diabetes and  was on daily dose of insulin. After metabolic surgery now I am off insulin and  diabetes medicines and lead a normal life.”

Another patient, Mrs Asha  Rani, 50 yr old shared,” Being obese with 105 kgs, I was not able to walk even small distances. I used to have severe knee pain, swelling in feet and also body pains. After bariatric surgery by Dr Amit Garg, now I have no more pain and able to walk. I feel lighter and energetic.

Mr Sanjeev Gupta who  lost around 50 kgs shared, “Being morbid obese my life was very difficult and had issues like BP etc. Now after surgery, life has become better. All my medical test reports are now normal.”

Highly obese can effectively lose fat with bariatric surgery, Dr Amit

Mrs Shinder Pal Kaur shared, “I had diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis and sleep apnea. I got Metabolic surgery done after suffering for many years. Immediately after surgery, my blood sugar levels came to normal. Presently all my health issues are resolved and I am not taking any medicines. I feel very energetic with weight loss which was a bonus of diabetes surgery.”


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