How is life after COVID-19


How is life after COVID-19

Nobody knows what the future of humanity after the pandemic, but it is certain that the climate and environment of Earth are going to be benefited.

Since the day India announced total Lockdown for 3 weeks to fight deadly virus COVID-19. ‘Don’t touch anything when going out’; ‘Don’t shake hands’, ‘Wash hands frequently’ etc. are some of the advisories prevailing on every TV channel round the clock. The situation is getting scary day by day as the world has so far lost thousands of lives because, it is believed India is still in stage 2 of the pandemic. A very difficult time for people to sit at home and watching the deadly scenario. It is like hiding from mass killing outside. Chanakya has rightly said ‘If the enemy is invisible, better hide’.

Society After COVID 19 – Let us understand how society will behave. In general, the reaction of society would be traumatic. Due to depression caused by loss of dear one/close relative. Other important factors would be malnutrition which may further worsen the situation. After the pandemic is over, people will still be fearful and avoid going to social gathering like family functions, religious functions. Even small get-togethers shall be avoided for some time. The extent of this social distance shall vary from person to person. The person who has lost his/her near or dear one will take more time to overcome the trauma. Sports events would also not be able to attract mass spectators in the stadium. People will also be avoiding Cinema Hall, Malls, big departmental stores and restaurants because of fear of reoccurrence of coronavirus. Use of public transport shall also be affected drastically whether it is air, road or rail.

The economy after COVID 19 – The pandemic has already started affecting the economy worldwide. Manufacturing Industries cannot operate during the lockdown. News is prevailing that big companies may lay off a large number of employees worldwide. Immigrants will be worst affected during the pandemic. No doubt, the petrol and diesel cost shall be raised sharply. Unemployment, Recession, less buying capacity may result in the elimination of small retail business. Manufacturing industries may fall short of labour, may have to give higher wages to retain labour. Export, Import, International Treaties, Immigration shall also be worst affected. Work from home culture, however, will be a preferred mode for corporate working. People will prefer packed food over dining out. Healthcare industries including doctors, hospitals shall be in high demand and may become too busy. There will be an increase in the number of subscribers of health insurance. Pharmaceutical companies shall also be making a profit.

 Covid-19 will emerge as a game-changer in the society. Work from home culture shall have become a corporate fashion. People may shift to e-commerce for buying most of the commodities and therefore bright future for some of the service sectors which may include: E-commerce portal and their allied courier services. Hopefully, our Government shall ensure smooth supply of essential goods even after 6 months the pandemic is over. because, to avoid traumatic life as witnessed after previous pandemics, it is suggested people should eat a balanced diet now to fight probable malnutrition period, if any, for a longer duration.

How is life after COVID-19

It is also suggested people should consider living in less population density areas. Wild animals have started wandering around the cities across the world. Nobody knows what the future of humanity after the pandemic, but it is certain that the climate and environment of Earth are going to be benefited.

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