5 Famous Celebrities who had weight loss surgery


5 Famous Celebrities who had weight loss surgery

Due to their busy schedule, celebrities don’t have time to include diet and exercise to lose weight, so they sometimes opt for a quick procedure which is undergoing a weight loss surgery.

5 Famous Celebrities who had weight loss surgery

Celebrities who have lost weight have discovered new success and a renewed sense of self-worth. They also have profited from various surgical procedures to improve their popularity and appeal.

5 Famous Celebrities who had weight loss surgery

A number of well-known celebrities have weight loss surgery. Public interest in celebrities who have undergone weight loss surgery has dramatically increased. Notably, several of these celebrities have shed a significant amount of weight, and some even appear stunning after surgery.

5 Famous Celebrities who had weight loss surgery

Gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy are surgical procedures that can assist someone in losing weight. In both scenarios, the stomach is made smaller to accommodate less food. Additionally, a smaller stomach produces fewer hormones that make you feel full.

The list below is only a small selection of the numerous celebrities that have successfully had weight loss surgery; there are many more. Even while this list does not include everyone who has had either of the two operations listed above, it does include some of the most well-known persons.

1) Graham Elliot

Three-time James Beard Award nominee Graham Elliot initially rose to prominence in the culinary industry before becoming a chef, restaurateur, and reality television star.

Sadly, Elliot’s weight of 400 pounds at the time made it difficult for him to play with his children, get in and out of his car, or tie his shoes. This was attributable to his love of food and inability to resist occasionally treating himself.

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These factors led him to decide that he needed to reduce weight quickly and easily, so the University of Chicago Medical Center conducted a sleeve gastrectomy on him.

In an interview, he stated that his doctor expressly believes that sleeve gastrectomy is the weight-loss procedure that is best for him inclined to his line of work.

“With gastric bypass and other surgeries, there’s some ingredients you can’t eat because it will cause you to get sick. This procedure will allow me to still taste and try everything,” he explained.

He also stated why, after years of deliberation, he had now chosen to go through with it with the support of his doctor, adding that it had been a comfort to have someone assist him in making this decision and seeing it through.

“It’s like I’m somebody who is way past their prime, and that shouldn’t be the case at 36. Throw in gout and high blood pressure and the history of strokes and heart attacks in my family … this is something that has to happen,” he added.

Thanks to the surgery, Graham Elliot lost weight: 147 pounds to be exact!

2) Randy Jackson

For an incredible 12 seasons, Randy Jackson has been a crucial part of the American Idol judging panel. In 2004, he joined illustrious colleagues Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell at the judge’s table.

Unfortunately, the six-time Emmy Award-winning producer and musician had gastric bypass surgery in 2003 after being given a type 2 diabetes diagnosis in 2002, and this resulted in him losing more than 100 pounds.

It may sound all great, but the renowned television personality found himself regaining some weight despite undergoing weight loss surgery. This only clarifies that not every surgery has the same aftereffects on different people; therefore, it’s still preferable if you carry it out under a provision or after discussing it with your doctor.

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Given that this is the situation with Jackson, he subsequently sought to change his eating patterns by restricting himself to just one meal every day. He works out in other ways as well, such as by doing yoga or jogging on his treadmill.

3) Chumlee

American entrepreneur and reality star Chumlee is well-known for his appearances on the History Channel program “Pawn Star,” which documents the daily activities in his Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas.

By altering his lifestyle choices, Chumlee started his weight loss journey in September 2013 and was able to lose 75 pounds in a year. He did make an attempt to reduce weight, but in the end, he also opted to get a weight loss operation.

He had a surgical weight-loss procedure at Blossom Bariatrics in Las Vegas, Nevada, since he continued to gain back the weight he had attempted to lose as a result of his lifelong weight fluctuations.

“It was time for me to get healthy,” he told PEOPLE back in 2014. “I started at 320 [pounds], and now I’m down to 225. When I first began, I eliminated all processed foods except mustard. Now, ‘everything in moderation is my motto.”

4) Honey Boo Boo

Recently, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson gained media attention when she disclosed that she had decided to spend $13,000 on weight loss surgery in order to enhance her physical well-being.

After turning 17 years old, she will be traveling to NYC’s Queens in late August for surgery. Weight loss specialist Steven Batash will perform a suture sculpt endoscopic sleeve on her.

The television star made the decision since she is not getting the expected results from her frequent attempts at healthy diets. She is rumored to be 275 pounds, and she believes that surgery is the only option for her to reach her goal weight of 150 pounds.

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5) Kelly Osbourne

In the summer of 2020, actress, model, and singer Kelly Osbourne shed 85 pounds. Like the other celebrities on this list, Osbourne underwent weight loss surgery—specifically, a gastric sleeve—and she isn’t ashamed to admit it.

“I had surgery; I don’t give a f*** what anyone has to say,” she said during an interview with the Hollywood Raw podcast at the time. “I did it, I’m proud of it… I did the gastric sleeve.”

“All it does is change the shape of your stomach. I got that almost two years ago. I will never ever ever lie about it ever. It is the best thing I have ever done.”

The actress took measures to assist herself reduce weight following the operation, so she didn’t only rely on the procedure itself. She changed her routine to include healthy food and appropriate exercise because she feared that, like Randy Jackson, she might put on weight if she didn’t watch what she ate and work out.


The most obvious justification for celebrities getting weight loss surgery is that it speeds up their weight loss journey. They feel better about their bodies and can wear form-fitting clothing without appearing like a potato sack.

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The desire to look beautiful in front of the cameras is the second factor that drives celebrities to seek surgical intervention. We can’t condemn celebrities for doing so because their looks are a significant part of their job description. Like us, they are also doing something to boost their self-esteem and make their lifestyle healthier.


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