Aman Arora submits ‘Conflict of Interest’ Bill

Aman Arora submits ‘Conflict of Interest’ Bill, leading to unseating of MLA’s to Speaker, seeks to table in Budget Session


Co-President of  Aam Aadmi Party and MLA from Sunam Aman Arora today submitted a Private Member Bill namely ‘The Punjab Unseating of Members of Legislative Assembly found Guilty of Conflict of Interest Bill 2018’ to the Speaker of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Rana KP Singh, seeking  his permission to table it in the forthcoming Budget Session.

Under the proposed bill, any elected representative, be it the CM, Ministers and the MLA’s shall be liable for disqualification and hence unseated ,within a period of 6 months, if found guilty of the Conflict of Interest Act, which means any MLA found furthering his own private interests, financial or commercial, directly or indirectly, at the cost of interest of the State, shall be unseated. Arora has contended that Mafias like that of Mining, Liquor, Transport, Cable, Power, Irrigation, Construction, Real estate etc would never had come into existence, had this law been in place.

Arora while questioning Govt’s intent,  said he failed to understand why Govt. has not taken any step towards this direction, as contrary to its other pre election promises, this Act will not entail any financial expenditure and rather will be instrumental in preventing the loot of public exchequer by the politicians . He expressed his pain the way politicians have flourished over the years pushing the State into the debt trap of more than 2.5 lac crores today.

For this purpose, Arora has suggested a 5 member Commission, headed by a retired judge of the Supreme Court or High Court and members with eminence from the fields of law, Economics, Journalism, Defence, Education, Health etc for a period of 6 years, all to be appointed by a 5 member selection committee comprising of the Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court, 2nd Senior most judge of the High Court, CM, Speaker and Leader of Opposition.

In his communication to the Speaker, Arora while reminding the Speaker about the Pre-election promise of the ruling Congress, which had promised to bring in this legislation, but even at the passage of a year, 3 Assembly sessions and numerous Cabinet meetings, Govt. seems to have burried it’s intent leading to unabated continuation of fleecing of Public resources at the cost of Public Exchequer as had been going on during the previous Government.

On this occasion MLa Kanwar Sandhu, Kultar Singh Sandhwa, Amarjit Singh and Advt. Jastej Arora were present also.


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