Article : Man and the ecological imbalance.


By Gaurika(Chandigarh city news)

Glaciers are receding polar ice is melting, Amazon forest is depleting the hole in the ozone layer is widening species of birds animals ,plants and trees are becoming extinct faster than ever before pollution is rising weather throughout the world is changing!

What is happening in the world? Clearly,not all is well with nature and weather we like it or not,Man is responsible for all these ills. He is the one who has created imbalance in nature without bothering about the consequences. The first and foremost consequence of creating imbalance in Nature is that climate is changing throughout. The world is becoming hotter and hotter every year.This will change weather systems on earth and with that the geography population flora and fauna and crop cycle of different ecosystems will undergo irreversible changes.Some might even collapse.If this happens the food chain will be broken and that will be the second major consequence. Since man is at the top of food chain he will be affected the most. Smoke from chimneys and vehicles, toxic effluents from industry are over expanding cities will result in acid rain, greater heat,more pollution and deforestation.

If these trends continue unabated, I am afraid the planet will one day come on the brink of its end. Since Man is solely responsible for the entire imbalance only he can and he must restore it before it is too late.

People of the world must join hands to ensure a safe and pure environment for their future generations.


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