BoomBox: A cafe decorated with the theme of Paris

BoomBox Lounge , Bar & Cafe re-launches food menu, unveils a fresh drinks menu too  


The new food menu is a perfect a mix of Continental, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Oriental, North Indian and Pub food. A tasting & sipping session of the revamped food & drinks menu was held for select media.Its is note worthy that envisioned by Akansh Sen BoomBox is a rich, Upscale cafe and Pub that caters to the various tastes of the young tricity crowd. Boombox is owned by 4 enterprising entrepreneurs – Harinderjeet Singh Heer, Rajan Pupneja,  & Adamya Rathore.


The café has introduced a new concept of Flaming Lamborghini, besides the unique Dry Ice presentation of drinks, has been started to give an out of this world experience to people who want to experiment with their drinks. Dry ice is used to give a smoky effect to the drink when it is being served. In Flaming Lamborghini the expert bar tender at BoomBox uses a cocktail glass in which alcoholic concoctions are poured in and then to give it a dramatic effect a flame is lit. They also have introduced customized recipes of LIT (Long Island Ice Tea) – in which five type of alcohols are used, this is another first in City. Under the Non Alcoholic segment BoomBox is now offering tasty drinks like Guava Punch, refreshing Mojitos & Juices.


“The new food menu is replete with  delicious food comprising of starters and a holistic main course menu. Signature dishes introduced are Boombox Grilled Chicken and Boombox Chakna. North India is not far behind.    Old Delhi’s Tandoori recipes have been given prominence. We have also created dishes inspired from Hyderabadi cuisine. We have in our new menu food for people of all tastes & preferences.” Said Suraj Thapa, Executive Chef, Boombox.

BoomBox: A cafe decorated with the theme of Paris

Mumbaiya Soya Chappey, Phuket Fish & Fish & Chips are mouth-watering. Middle East is represented well by Hummus Bin Leham. Hummus is a thick paste or spread made from ground chickpeas and sesame seeds. Falafel Tahini is a major attraction for food buffs. Falafel is made up of spiced mashed chickpeas or other pulses, the lip smacking Tahini sauce with which its served, makes the experience of biting into this dish heavenly. Italy also comes on a platter at Boombox. Bruschetta – which is toasted Italian bread drenched in olive oil is available in Assortments. What’s more, Spaghetti lovers are in for  a treat with Spaghetti Agli Olio Pepperocino. Fajitas –    a dish of Mexican origin is on the menu. Quesadillas  a tortilla filled with cheese is another attraction . Then the gastronomically  delightful Enchiladas are sure to transport you to Mexico. What’s more, the Jamaican Fried Chicken is simply awesome.

BoomBox: A cafe decorated with the theme of Paris


” The presentation of dishes is unique & with use of garnishes like chili tomatoes, banana leaves etc. The spices that go into the food are all ground In house. Oriental food is served in original Chinese Bowls and there is a plan to introduce new menus every 3 months. BoomBox Cafe is a place where one can relax and chillax with friends, family or someone special in a perfect ambience. We serve all types of great food with live music. I am sure food lovers and party goers will definitely like our latest offerings.” Said Gurkirtan Singh, General Manager, BoomBox .



offers the biggest floor area to dance and enjoy the night. It has separate private seating area with dim lights and comfortable sofas. Great ambiance and soothing music are surely an add-on. The event to announce details of revamped food & drinks menu was was put up by Royal Aura Events, a well known event company of tricity.


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