Constitution Day: Amity Law School holds special lecture


Constitution Day: Amity Law School holds special lecture

Amity Law School at Amity University Punjab observed National Law Day, also known as Constitution Day, which is observed every year on November 26, with a special lecture by Professor Emeritus Dr. Balram Gupta. The event aimed to commemorate the significance of the Constitution of India and foster a deeper understanding of its evolution.

Constitution Day: Amity Law School holds special lecture

Dr. Balram Gupta, a distinguished faculty member of Amity Law School, delivered an enlightening lecture on the topic, ‘Do We Need To Embrace a New Constitution!’.

 He dismissed the notion of adopting a new Constitution, citing the existing document’s longevity and supremacy. He stressed that the Constitution of India, in its current form, is a living document that has evolved with the changing times. Attempting to create a new Constitution, according to Dr. Gupta, would be virtually impossible given the rich experience and enduring significance of the current framework.

 The session delved into the historical journey of the Constitution, emphasizing its role as a guiding document for the nation. Dr. Gupta compared the Constitution to a living organism that requires continuous refinement through amendments, drawing parallels to pruning and manuring a plant for its sustained growth.

 During his address, Dr. Gupta discussed the intricate history behind the making of the Constitution of India, highlighting the challenges it faced and the resilience it demonstrated over the years. He passionately conveyed that the Constitution, after 74 years, stands as a sacred document and a testament to the nation’s progress.

 The lecture witnessed overwhelming participation from students, who actively engaged in an interactive discussion during the question and answer round. The session provided a platform for students to gain insights into the intricacies of constitutional law and appreciate the enduring value of India’s Constitution.

 Amity Law School is dedicated to nurturing legal minds and fostering a deep understanding of the legal system. Events like these contribute to the holistic development of students by providing them with a broader perspective on the legal landscape.

 Constitution Day: Amity Law School holds special lecture

The celebration of National Law Day at Amity University Punjab’s Amity Law School serves as a testament to the institution’s commitment to promoting legal education, fostering critical thinking, and instilling a sense of responsibility among future legal professionals.

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