COVID-19 strengthen our human bond-Says Mr Bikram Rana


COVID-19 strengthen our human bond-Says Mr Bikram Rana

“We exercise daily but in a different way,” said Mrs Harinder Kaur, Regional Director, NSS, Chandigarh , “but in a different way.” She further stated that her day started with distribution of “ration” in the bee hour to the needy of village Dhanas and adjoining colonies of Chandigarh. In this noble cause Mr Bikram Rana, State Liaison Officer, NSS Cell, Chandigarh has been fully extending his supporting hand.  True, this virus is here to shake us up from our routine slumber and us a chance to peep deep into daily sufferings of people.


While talking to Mr Rana told that each day 10 packets distributed among the needy and each packet contained rice and wheat flour (5 kg each), Dal 2 kg; oil one litre; salt one packet; zeera one packet; sugar one packet and one packet tea. Besides medicines and 1000 masks were being distributed since the day of lockdown.  These people have been ‘lockdown’ many years due to poverty, illiteracy and other reasons but we have been apathetic towards them.  While some feel bad not to go favorite restarurants, these people were left to starve, feels Mr Rana. The crisis has strengthened human bond thousands of people came out from their comfort zones to help and today every pie counts, says he.

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Mr Rana feels that all these years amidst ego, greed for wealth, intolerance we have forgotten the lesson of humanity. The virus comes to teach us that regardless of our gender, religion or ethnicity we all belong to the same race of humanity that we once left behind.  “We continue to increase differences among each other leading to more prejudice.”

In this stressful time, how a microscopic virus could achieve what many governments and leaders have failed.  “Time to bring people of the country together to stand for a single cause” says Mr Rana.  Mr Rana seems to be optimistic when he says that this virus does not come to kill us but to wake us up and teach us the greatest lesson of being ‘human.’

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COVID-19 strengthen our human bond-Says Mr Bikram Rana

Different people are extending their support in their own ways. Today let us hope that we would succeed in combating the virus but after this humanity must always be in our mind.

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