In a First for Tricity, Enchanting Angels Adorn the Facade of CP67 Mall as Winter Festivities Begin


In a First for Tricity, Enchanting Angels Adorn the Facade of CP67 Mall as Winter Festivities Begin

The onset of December not only signals the arrival of the wonderful winter season but also heralds the festive spirit in all its splendor, marked by beautiful décor, celebrations, and much more. In a mesmerizing first for the tricity, CP67 Mall in Mohali has introduced a first-of-its-kind winter experience, embracing the blessings from the skies with an Angel-inspired décor. As the first thing people see when entering the mall, the never-before-seen Angel-inspired décor at CP67 Mall is captivating both mall patrons and the public, offering a unique and festive warmth to the tricity.

Known for their exquisite taste in appreciating art, beauty, and décor, the people of the tricity are joyfully embracing this extraordinary angel-inspired spectacle. This winter, the mall-goers are thronging CP67 Mall to witness the Angelic decor firsthand, capturing photos and selfies to create cherished memories and to share the festive cheer with their loved ones. The Angelic Winter Magic, the first of its kind in the tricity, is not only spreading joy within the mall but also reaching a broader audience, resonating with the spirit of the season. It is the first element of CP67 Mall’s inaugural winter festive season which is designed to be the foremost celebration of winter festivities

Ushering in its inaugural Winter Festive Season, CP67 Mall invites everyone to revel in this magical experience, promising a series of captivating activities as part of its winter celebrations. With an exciting line-up of heartwarming events, joyful surprises, and innovative initiatives, the angel-inspired décor stands as a symbol of the unique and unforgettable moments that CP67 Mall is set to offer during this Winter Festive Season, leading up to Christmas and New Year.


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