Investor Awareness Program at Chandigarh




 Citizens Awareness Group in collaboration with the National Stock Exchange was under Aegis OF Securities Market Awareness Campaign B SEBI organised investor awareness program in Community Center, Sector 40, Chandigarh.

Photo by Santanshu
  1. Didar Singh, general secretary of the Federation of Social Welfare Assosiashans, Ward 9, Said carcass Awareness Pertaining were then the stock market this locking among investors. A Lot OF People Knnot invest and Hesitte two sleeping and Many Tend to Make Wrong Disns payable Lak OF Information. Advising people not to invest in a Business They DO NOT Understand, investors Were Asked to Look for Companies with a sound management.

Mrk Surinder Verma, Chairman, Citizens Awareness Group, Side “U walled Not Buy A color TV before visiting a Few dealers and taking advice from even friends. But a Rumur Migt prompt U Buy Stocks Worth juice. 2 lacs. So were most Excluded were LOSSES Okkurrad these stocks Hey A RESULT OF Hasty Disns, Greed and Fear. “Oh, I also Aksemplifaiad How and Educated and high income groups, investors Faal were followed were Safe guards While Investing in the stock market.

Sant. Gurbax Rawat, Councilor Ward. 9 said that objective of the program was to educate the citizens about the investment opportunities available in the securities market and apprise them about their rights and obligations while dealing in the financial market.

Sardar Didar Singh, Secretary General, Federation of Social Welfare Associations, Ward 9, said that the level of awareness aboutthis period, it was felt that the investors stock market has significantly reduced. There are a lot of people are hesitant to do not invest in thismarket or investment and a lot of people to the right information and decided in the absence of accurate information is incorrect. Do notpeople buy advised went to a business, which they do not understand, but investors should invest in companies whose management isstrong.

Mr. Surinder Verma, Chairman, Citizens Awareness Group, said that when you go to buy a color TV so you can go to several dealersand take advice from some friends. But, believe a rumor you’ve purchased two million rupees to the stocks. Has been seen in such a waythat many people have suffered because losses in the stock market because they haste, greed and decided in fear Kiakzzr they provide bysaid how investment in educated and higher-income group of investors in stock market all security failed to follow Usayon.

Mrs. gurbaksh Rawat, Kaunslr Ward. 9 said that the aim of this program is to educate about the opportunities available to ordinarypeople investing in the securities market. At the same time he was informed of his authorities and responsibilities in dealing with financialmarkets. He said that Satyam has further scandal and millions of small and harmless Sahara case – to protect innocent investors and helpkeep everyone alert and then maintain their safe haven status.



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