Investigate Jalandhar police involvement : Surinder Jit singh

I Surinder Jit singh S/o S. Mohinder Singh Age 62 years Senior citizen Resident of 59, Bheem Nagar, Village and post office Nurpur, Police station Division Maqsudaan, Jalandhar. I owned one shop at EF 62 62 (B VII / 743), Mandi Fenton Gunj, Jalandhar. I purchased this shop (Property) from my mother Smt. Mohinder Kaurw/o Late s. Mohinder singh. In total consideration of Rs. I Crore and had paid 11 Lac Approx. Registry Fees on it. On Dtd 4-7-17 Inderjit singh, his father Ravinder Singh along with their 15-20 goons forcibly and illegally entered in my shop when I was presented in there and started threatening and beating me and even try to forcibly push me out of my shop. On listening my Screaming my Son Harpreet singh along with other peoples nearby rush for my help but these goons also beaten my son, Somehow my daughter also reached to help us, she dialled 100 for police help. After 20-25 Mins Simarjit singh A.S.I Police station Division Navi Baradari heading other police officials reached there, It was clear from attitude of police officials that ASI Simarjit Singh were in connivance with Inderjit Singh and were under influence of Sarabjit Singh Makkar Resident of A-1, Shaheed Udham Singh Nagar, Jalandhar. In spite of being complainant they illegally and forcibly took us to Police station Division Navi Baradari and registered false case on us and presented us in the court of DCP, but before this A.S.I. Simarjit Singh ask me that Commissioner of Police ordered him to take Keys from Surinderjit singh. I asked A.S.I. Simarjit Singh to give me receipt of keys he replied receipt will be given by commissioner of police and then he took keys. On Date 5-7-17 I again asked my keys back from official presented in Police station Navi Baradari but they asked me to wait till evening. After waiting till evening 5-00 pm, I called Police Commissioner on his mobile number 98786-55000 from my mobile number 98882-90022 and told him about what happened but in return Commissioner Sir replied the he has not given such order. Police illegally kept holding my keys whereas my business is suffering. Inderjit Singh and others shown there muscle power with guidance of Sarabjit Singh Makkar, snatch and broke mobile of my daughter, Rob1700 Rs cash from my pocket along with Mobile charger, Backup charger and many other things from us and even abused us. I also wanted to bring this in your attention that it is not the first time, they have already done this to us many time before. My and my family life is at risk from Inderjit Singh and Sarabjit Singh Makkar.
On Date 6-7-17 I have filed written complaint to commissioner of police Jalandhar, he mark my complaint to ACP Sh. Satinder Kumar. ACP Sh. Satinder Kumar called ASI Simarjit Singh and asked him to bring keys back to him.
On Date  7-7-17 I again presented in front  of ACP Sh. Satinder Kumar and demand my keys, but till today I have not got my keys back. Jalandhar police is working under influence of Sarabjit Singh Makkar and trying to help Inderjit singh and others to illegally occupy my shop. Inderjit singh, his father Ravinder Singh has also already tried to illegally occupy this shop in past on 24-5-15 regarding which FIR no 251 was registered against them on 25-12-15 in Police station Division Navi Baradari u/s 448/506/511 but due to influence of Sarabjit singh Makkar police has not presented challan till today.  I suffered a lot due to them but Jalandhar police always keep helping them. You are requested to appoint High level IPS Officer to investigate my case and Help bring my keys back from Jalandhar police because my business is suffering. Sarabjit singh Makkar is very dangerous man, has many big contacts and high level approach. Inderjit singh and Sarabjit Singh Makkar has power to kill me and my family.
You are requested to take strict action against guilty and investigate Jalandhar police involvement.


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