Is it better watching sports on TV or in the stadium?


Is it better watching sports on TV or in the stadium?

Is it better watching sports on TV or in the stadium?

In today’s world, sporting events are meticulously scripted and take place one after the other, with your favorite athletes playing their best week after week in search of their longed-for victory.

However, sports have been providing entertainment for centuries to people all over the world – even long before TVs came along.

So the matches are available not only at the venue itself, but also via TV channels and streaming services. Today it is even possible to place online sports bets at Vulkanbet , for example, while the match is still in progress.

With so many advantages of watching everything on TV, many fans still wonder if it is worth going to the stadiums?


Practicality and comfort when staying at home


When you watch a match on TV you don’t have to wait in long lines at the entrance, you don’t have to spend a considerable part of your monthly salary on a single ticket, and you can watch the replays of the match whenever you want; we will talk more about this below.

Also, you don’t have to suffer with annoying people around you (especially those who are drunk or who yell the whole game), put up with uncomfortable plastic chairs and the lack of narration while the game is on.


Disadvantages of going to the stadium


Most people prefer to stay at home and watch sporting events throughout the week (and often on weekends as well) for the following reasons:

Ticket price: ticket prices can vary depending on the sport, but in the case of soccer, the most popular sport in Brazil, it can reach up to R$100 per match. With such expensive tickets your wallet will certainly be empty if you go to the stadium for every game;

No replays or zooms: you look at the TV screen and get the best perspective of the goal or point your favorite player scored and get zooms of the controversial shots of the match, which is impossible to see during a match in the stadium or arena;

Sports betting: The betting market is booming. However, it is practically impossible to follow your bets in real time in the stadium or arena. As we mentioned before, thanks to live betting platforms like Vulkanbet bonus for punters to watch the game on TV and follow their bets on their cell phone or PC.

Expensive food: Almost all sports stadiums (and the surrounding area) have food options that are expensive enough for most fans to buy during the matches.


Looking for a dose of energy and excitement


The high adrenaline rush, the sports lovers around you, the chance to hang out with your family and friends, the ticket stub that you will keep as a souvenir forever, and the whole stadium exploding at the moment of an important event during the match.

Is it better watching sports on TV or in the stadium?

Despite all the negatives of going to the stadium to watch your heart team play, there is an indescribable thrill in watching everything from up close. It is definitely a feeling that TV channels will never be able to replicate and that every fan should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Every sports arena or stadium should try to be egalitarian when it comes to ticket prices, or at least food and parking. If this does not happen, sports fans will certainly stay home more and more, reducing the frequency with which they go to the stadium to zero.



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