Mohini to defeat Rama in Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama


Mohini to defeat Rama in Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama

Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama is becoming interesting day by day. After saving himself and Tattacharya from death penalty, Rama now has to deal with Mohini who is known for her beauty as well as her intelligence.

A beautiful lady Mohini (Debina Bonnerjee) will be seen entering the darbar of King Krishnadevraya and answering one of the difficult question asked by Krishnadevraya. Krishnadevraya (Manav Gohil) gets impressed looking at her intelligence. Mohini whose pride is her intelligence announces that no one can defeat her in terms of intelligence. She gives open challenge that whoever loses the competition, they will have to be her slave for 41 days. King Krishnadevraya who trusts Rama (Krishna Bharadwaj) asks him to accept the challenge. Rama accepts the challenge and immediately starts his preparation so that he can defeat Mohini. Meanwhile, Cunning Tathacharya (Pankaj Berry) sets a rule that if Tenali is not able to answer a single question also, he will be the slave of Mohini.

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Will Tenali be able to defeat Mohini? Or will he be Mohini’s lifetime slave?

Commenting on the track Debina Bonnerjee who plays Mohini says, “Mohini is a young beautiful witty women who is super intelligent. She is over confident and thinks that no one can defeat her. But what is interesting is to see if she will be able to defeat Tenali and King Krishnadevraya. I enjoyed being a part of such a beautiful show. I hope the audience will enjoy the track and my character too.”


To Catch Mohini and her intelligence, Tune into Tenali Rama from Monday- Friday at 8 pm only on Sony SAB!

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