More than 100 Expected Moms Participated in Maternity Queen 2017 Contest

Bedi Hospital Initiative- “Swacch Hawa-Surakshit Ma-Shishu”

To be Moms and kids walked ramp with Masks over their Faces to spread Message


“We have right to breathe and let our unborn babies breathe clean air”, said an expectant Mom. Rolling around the concerns over Air Pollution in State, Bedi Hospital Chandigarh organized a Maternity Queen-2017 in city to sensitize expected mothers to take care of them in this Medical Emergency.

The annual event, in its third season is educating young couples and families on important aspects of Pregnancy, Ante natal care, importance of newborn care in a maternity centre during delivery, pregnancy and working couple, Cancer in women, Infertility and myths associated with childbirth by health and beauty experts. The aim is to allay fears and anxiety amongst women about pregnancy and child birth, and convert this important phase of life into a time to celebrate and rejoice.

Dr. R.S. Bedi, Director Bedi hospital, Paediatrician said that The highlight of the program is, Participation of Pregnant women, who would walk the ramp along with children wearing ‘Mask on their faces” to spread and carry the message that “We have right to breathe and let our unborn babies breathe clean air”. Children will carry placards like ‘let us breathe’ let my first cry be for oxygen, swacch air…swacch water…swacch bharat, let oxygen be our first breath, my child deserves clean air.

Since we all are suffering due to Air and other forms of Pollution, we as doctors are senstizing  moms-to-be, children and community on steps to create a healthy environment and decrease pollution levels.

Dr. G.K. Bedi, Gynecologist, Bedi Hospital said, This social awareness event is designed to showcase women empowerment, promote family culture and importance of motherhood, create awareness for infertility and cancer prevention in women, specially for career conscience women, besides conveying an important message of fight against pollution through the pregnant women and children.

Dr. Vikram Bedi, Neonatologist said that the step of choosing a dedicated, right maternity centre with gynaecologist and paediatrician available 24×7 under one roof is the single important step to avoid complications during child birth. Pregnancy is a period where emergency can arise anytime, make sure that your team of senior gynec and paediatricians are approachable as fast as possible.

The event highlighted the rising trend of infertility, due to stress, late marriages, pollution and bad diet. Fortunately the success rates of infertility treatment have increased tremendously, said Dr Rubeena, while launching Grace-Bedi IVF centre in the north region.

Director health services, Dr G. Dewan, chief Guest of the event, and president Rotary Club Chandigarh Central Mr. J.S. Lamba took part in the campaign against pollution, with pregnant women and children and pledged to make the earth a safe place for the future generations.







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