MP Vikram Sahney demands centre’s support for Punjab


MP Vikram Sahney demands centre’s support for Punjab

Dr. Vikramjit Singh Sahney, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha from Punjab have requested the centre to support Punjab with suitable budgetary allocation for infrastructure and sanctioning special projects in view of the burgeoning debt of Punjab, also being a border state having faced a strife period of militancy.

Dr. Sahney emphasized the need for covering more industries under PLI Schemes, support for MSMEs, and providing freight subsidy for reducing logistic costs to Industry of Punjab to boost exports.

Dr. Sahney stated that for farmers there is a need of comprehensive approach focusing on MSP reforms, crop diversification, and infrastructure development to support farmers and mitigate ecological challenges. He stressed the need for dialogue with farmers in order of implementation of recommendations from the Dr MS Swaminathan Committee to ensure fair remuneration and sustainable agricultural practices

Dr. Sahney said that emphasis should be on the significance of cooperative federalism with collaborative efforts among national and regional parties to achieve balanced development across all states without any discrimination.

Dr. Sahney stated that the most critical challenges in front of the government are unemployment, inflation, agrarian issues, and social inequality and it will require urgent and concentrated government action. He stressed the need for aligning education with job market demands, enhancing affordability of quality education and healthcare. “From KG to PG” the education have became very expensive for the common masses and there is no Job security after the formal education, Dr. Sahney added


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