Non-Hindi movies rule the roost on Netflix


Non-Hindi movies rule the roost on Netflix

Non-Hindi movies rule the roost on Netflix

In the last few months, we have seen new and emerging voices, from the south, creating magic on Netflix with their content. Here are some examples: V Vignarajan whose directorial debut Andhaghaaram (Tamil) was massively lauded by viewers for its slow-burning visual spectacle.

Venkatesh Maha whose film Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasaya (Telugu) has won the hearts of many with its authentic storytelling. Cinemabandi (Telugu) by Praveen Kandregula, Halitha Shameem directed Sillu Karupatti (Tamil), and Maniyarayrile Ashokan (Malayalam) directed by Shamzu Zayba, are all examples of films that were warmly accepted and appreciated by viewers for their unique craft of storytelling.

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Films such as Maniyarayile Ashokan (Malayalam), Andhaghaaram (Tamil) also featured in the Top 10 on Netflix in many countries outside of India. Talking about this, Pratiksha Rao, Content Acquisition, Netflix India told us, “The growth of streaming services in India provides a massive opportunity for new talent and voices to share their stories with the world in the language of their choice. At Netflix, we are thrilled to be the home for a new generation of incredibly talented storytellers from South India. They continue to set new standards with their authentic and relatable stories across genres.”

“These stories, with subtitles and dubs, are transcending the barriers of language and geography and finding like-minded audiences around the world with Netflix. We are thrilled to be the home to the next generation of talent from South India. We realise that they will shape the promising future of Indian entertainment and we are excited to be a part of this creative wave,” she added.

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Non-Hindi movies rule the roost on Netflix

From Tamil to Malayalam, the movies have found audiences across the world in over 190 countries, transcending the barriers of language and geography with the help of high-quality subtitles and dubbing. Or that with Netflix and other streaming services, the focus is on authentic storytelling, free from the constraints of format and duration. All that matters is that a new actor is best suited to play a role in a film, or a new director has the vision, desire and capability to tell a great story.

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