Online assistance for dairy farmers launched


Online assistance for dairy farmers launched

An award winning dairy tech start-up, MoooFarm on Wednesday announced to provide on-demand voice and video call Animal husbandry services to dairy farmers through its mobile application available on playstore.

The current testing times have severely impacted the supply chain and operational facilities of dairy farming and agriculture. The dairy farmers are confronting lack of timely access to animal husbandry services. The absence of urgent clinical assistance directly impacts milk quantity, farmer incomes and family nourishment.

MoooFarm through its voice and video calling feature in its mobile App, is connecting farmers with experienced and qualified doctors. Farmers can resolve all their cattle health, nutrition, management related queries by speaking to an experienced veterinarian on the App.

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Farmers can easily download the ‘MoooFarm Farmer’ Application from the playstore and choose from the list of qualified veterinarians available. Farmers can also access other services in MoooFarm application free of cost such as digitised breeding cycle, cattle registry, account management as well as 35 E-learning videos on critical dairy topics.

Inderjeet Singh, Director- Dairy Development Department Punjab, said “Real time information to the livestock farmers via technology can be a game changer for timely solving the budding problems of breeding, feeding and management. Advice of subject matter specialists when implemented in true spirit can not only reduce the cost of milk production but also increase lactations per animal resulting more milk, more prosperity.”

“I would urge the dairy farmers of Punjab to download this application and make use of the livestock services during this lockdown. Dairies can also contact us and avail services for their farmers and we will be glad to help them during this pandemic” said Aashna Singh, Co-Founder of MoooFarm

Online assistance for dairy farmers launched

MoooFarm is an award winning dairy tech startup pioneering the White-Technology revolution in India through its mobile application (The App), online network of Vetenarians and Artificial Insemination workers (The Cloud) and last mile delivery agents (The Village Entrepreneurs). It offers end to end last mile connectivity solution offering comprehensive training & extension to solve Dairy Farmer’s key challenges of Livestock productivity, Lack of Awareness and Traceability. MoooFarm is currently servicing 13,500 farmers in 3 states through government and corporate partnerships.

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