Punjab govt boosts industrial growth in Rajpura

Punjab govt boosts industrial growth in Rajpura
  In a strategic move to propel Rajpura into a major industrial and warehousing hub, the Government of Punjab has undertaken significant initiatives for infrastructure development. Having previously acquired 1,100 acres of land for this purpose, the government is now advancing its efforts to accelerate the region’s growth trajectory.
The latest milestone in this endeavour is the completion of land acquisition in villages Kai, Mandwal, Khanpur Khurd, Kanwarpur, and Pabra for the construction of a 150-foot wide road. This road will directly link the Integrated Manufacturing Cluster (IMC) to the SAS Nagar airport, providing seamless connectivity and facilitating efficient transportation of goods and services.
The Industrial Cluster is poised to attract substantial investment from both national and international investors, positioning Rajpura as a key destination for industrial and commercial activities. The direct connectivity to the airport is expected to further bolster infrastructure development in the region, unlocking new avenues for growth and development.
This strategic move by the Government of Punjab underscores its commitment to fostering economic prosperity and creating sustainable opportunities for the people of Rajpura and surrounding areas. As the construction of the 150-foot wide road progresses, it will serve as a critical artery for facilitating trade, commerce, and connectivity, thereby catalyzing overall development in the region.
The government remains steadfast in its resolve to realize the full potential of Rajpura as a thriving industrial and warehousing hub, and looks forward to the positive impact these initiatives will have on the local community and economy.


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