Rotarians began organ donation awareness mission 

Rotary Club of Chandigarh launches organ donation awareness campaign 



Lord triumph, a professional salsa dancer and Guinness World Record Holder arrived in Chandigarh today and the message of organ donation have met people who have triumphed in their Gypsy today Rotary House. They are a difficult 9400 kilometer road trip to promote organ donation in the country and arrived in Chandigarh under the same.

Rotary Club of Chandigarh launches organ donation awareness campaign

Rotarian Vijay Rotary Club related of welfare, Bangalore and they were left due to serious donating large hard part after kidney failure. Two years ago, due to a death after Angdani they found kidney and found them new life after organ transplantation. And then he decided to encourage people to organ donation and are aware of the people so that they can save the lives of needy people donated organs.

He said you can donate your organs when will not need them. He said that in the South people are increasingly accepting organs from the dead, but the campaign needs to spread throughout the country and to publicize.

Rotary Club of Chandigarh launches organ donation awareness campaign

Lord Vijay serious disease like two years after the first kidney transplant was decided to create awareness among the people, especially those having a failed kidney, ie kidney. He has yet to take oath of organ donation more than 3,000 people.

On that occasion the club said President Pi.askmtadu, Rotary Club of Chandigarh has also issued a special poster in collaboration with Mohan Foundation and launch an awareness campaign for organ donation in the field. Thus, these areas will lead to organ donation movement in the country.

Club leader to be honored Rotarian Htinder Khattar on this occasion, who encouraged the recent kidney transplant is done as well as they are honorable director Mohan Foundation and liver transplant donation recipient and organ.

Victory welcomed today by members of Roteriyns, Rotrekatars and Mohan Foundation at Rotary House.

Rotary Club of Chandigarh has launched the campaign ‘BN Anjelklaiv Viond Laifkplej Argens, released poster designed by name.

Subsequently Club of went and talked with members of the DPS Chandigarh and Lord Victory overcome various confusions of people on the organ donation.

Spreading Hope founder Lord Vijay said ‘fight with the disease for more than three years and personally and professionally for me to undergo organ transplants who was a painful experience. Serious kidney disease is reported has changed my life in a way to change my attitude towards life. It gave me a new purpose and a mission I started “Spreading Hope” under the same. This mission is moving with a huge mission to raise awareness in the general public to donate kidney disease and organ.

This will the first activity of the mission from Chennai to Ladakh and while people be aware of organ donation and people are this time. Information risk of kidney disease in India is very low and people are thinking quite negatively to the concept of organ donation. My mission is to those who are interested to help people who want to record your name to convince their families and voluntary organ donation. ”


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